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Essay: What Determines Manhood?

Of the.3 million new jobs projected to sprout up over the next decade, the vast majority will come in fields that currently attract far more women than men. In fact, men dominate only two of the 12 job titles expected to grow the most between 20: construction worker and accountant. The rest, including teachers (501,000 new positions registered nurses (582,000 home health aides (461,000 and customer-service reps (400,000 remain heavily female. All told, the social sector of the economy will gain.9 million jobs by 2018. But unless the complexion of the workforce changes, according to a recent study by northeastern University, a whopping.5 million of them will go unfilled. The coming employment gap represents a huge opportunity for working-class guys—and for the families theyre struggling to support.

The only way that perception will fade is if men who are already living double lives as dedicated professionals and parents come out and start writing their senators and petitioning their hr departments. The motivation is certainly there; over the last 35 years, the number of employed fathers in dual-earner families who say they suffer work-family conflict has risen from 35 percent to 59 percent, according to joan Williams. Now its up to twenty-first century dads, as Jeremy Adam Smith argues in his recent book, the daddy Shift, to go on the offensive. The campaign for working a new Macho shouldnt end when men leave the house. Meet the parents is already 10 years old, but unfortunately, the way it deals with men and work doesnt seem dated at all. In one classic scene, the ingénues banker ex-boyfriend questions her new flame (played by ben Stiller) about his job. When its revealed that Stiller is a nurse, however, the banker cant process. The idea that a marriageable man would work as a nurse is so inconceivable that he assumes nursing is a hobby. Thats great to give something back like that, he says finally. Id love to find time to do volunteer work. Men can no longer afford to make such assumptions.

manhood essay

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The most likely model for paid leave is an employee-funded insurance program like social Security—which, according to heather boushey, an economist at the center for American Progress, could support 12 weeks of paid leave for a measly 10 a month per worker. That translates to a payroll tax hike of no more than three 10ths of a percent. Even the most generous program—a full year of leave for every working parent in the country—would cost the country only 25 billion, according to columbia professor wallpaper Jane waldfogel, who studies work-family issues. Washington already spends four times that amount each year on fraud, waste, and abuse. Of course, policy changes will be pointless unless attitudes change as well. In California, the first. State to fund leave (six weeks of it) for both parents, only 26 percent of men seize the opportunity, compared with 73 percent of women. All told, most new fathers take off two weeks or less for a new child, no matter what. Baby time is simply not seen as masculine.

manhood essay

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In Japan, which recently offered dads more paid baby time, the government honors dedicated fathers by spotlighting stars of ikumen, or male child rearing. And with the passage of paid-leave laws in Britain (where Prime minister david Cameron took several weeks off to care for his infant dissertation daughter) and Australia (which is hardly a dandified nation the. Is now the only wealthy country that doesnt bankroll a bonding period for either parent. This could change sooner than you think. Recent polls show that majorities of Republicans (62 percent democrats (92 percent and independents (71 percent) now support the idea of paid paternity leave. Big companies—especially those with lots of male workers, such as Texas Instruments, sun Microsystems, and Ernst young—are beginning to offer at least two weeks of paid leave. New Jersey, washington, and California have already launched programs that offer partially paid leave, and more than 20 other states are currently considering legislation—a bloc that covers almost half the working population. Its certain to grow, too, now that next years federal budget includes a 10 million State paid leave fund to help states launch their own programs. The family and Medical leave act, which granted unpaid leave to about half the workforce, followed a similar arc before it became the law of the land in 1993: a change in public opinion led to private-sector programs, which in turn triggered state reforms, which.

And a full 41 percent of companies now formally encourage fathers to go on parental leave, up from only 2 percent in 1993. Simply put, men are expected to work less and father more. By altering the roles of the Swedish father and the Swedish worker, Swedens paternity-leave legislation has, in turn, rewritten the rules for Swedish men (and, by extension, women). Swedish dads of my generation and younger have been raised to feel competent at child-rearing, writes Slates Nathan Hegedus, an American who experienced the system firsthand. They simply expect to do it, just as their wives and partners expect it of them. If a man refuses time at home with the kids, he faces questions from friends, family, and, yes, other guys. Policy changes produced personal changes—and then, slowly but surely, society changed as well. Around the world, similar shifts are already underway. In Germany, the percentage of new fathers who take a break has jumped sevenfold since the country passed its own Swedish-style law in 2007.

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manhood essay

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If both parents are working, women spend 400 percent more time with the kids. Meanwhile, the number of fatherless kids in America has nearly tripled since 1960, and the percentage of men who call themselves stay-at-home dads has stalled below 3 percent. The old roles, say sociologists, are hard to shake. Theres growing evidence, however, that they can be expanded. Consider contemporary family life in Sweden. In the past, new parents split 390 days of paid leave however they liked—monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly.


Women used far more of it than men. But today, new fathers no longer rush back to work, leaving the mother to raise little sven all by herself. The reason for the change? In 1995, Sweden passed a simple but revolutionary law: couples would lose one month of leave unless the father was the one who took. A second use-it-or-lose-it month was added in 2002, and now more than 80 percent of Swedish fathers take four months off for the birth of a new child, up from 4 percent a decade ago.

But the gender wars arent a zero-sum game: when men lose, women and children lose, too. So as women assume positions once occupied exclusively by men, and the more manly sectors of the. Economy continue to shrink, a more capacious notion of manhood—the product of both new policies and new attitudes—is no longer a luxury. In fact, it may be exactly whats needed to keep the American male, and America itself, competitive in the 21st century. The home is a natural place to start.

As the novelist Michael Chabon discovered on a trip to the grocery store with his son, society still expects very little from fathers. You are such a good dad, a woman told him as he waited in line to pay. Exactly what she could tell was a mystery to Chabon, who recounts the story in his 2009 essay collection. But clearly no woman would earn kudos for toting her kids around the frozen-foods aisle. The handy thing about being a father, he later concludes, is that the historic standard is so pitifully low. The modern standards arent much better. Despite apparent progress—young couples believe in coparenting and sharing the household chores—very little has actually changed. The average wife still does roughly double the housework of the average husband: the equivalent of two full workdays of additional chores each week. Even when the man is unemployed, the woman handles a majority of the domestic workload, and its the same story with child care.

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Whats required, then, is not a reconnection with the past but a liberation from it; not a revival of the old role but an expansion. The End of Men isnt nigh, nor is macho dead. But its definition should be broadened to wallpaper include both. Its time, in other words, for a new Macho: a reimagining of what men should be expected to do in the two realms, home and work, that have always determined their worth. Of course, thats easier said than done. American culture is competitive and conservative, and there are good reasons why inner-city fathers, hedge-fund honchos, and former gm plant managers arent taking several months off from work to care for their kids—or exploring new fields, like nursing, where few of todays men dare. Most guys, in fact, dont even need rescuing—at least not yet. Theyre still overrepresented in business and government, earn more on the dollar, open bigger movies, and clean fewer dishes. See all of the best photos of the week in these slideshows.

manhood essay

And it does nothing to help them succeed in school, secure sustainable jobs, or be better fathers in an economy thats rapidly outgrowing Marlboro manliness. Recommended Slideshows, the truth is, its not how men style themselves that will make them whole again—its what they do with their days. The riggers, welders, and boilermakers of generations past werent wearing overalls to feel proper like men, as Susan Faludi, the author of books on both sexes, has pointed out. Instead, their sense of their own manhood flowed out of their utility in a society, not the other way around, she writes. Conceiving of masculinity as something to be—a part to play—turns manliness into something ornamental, and about as masculine as fake eyelashes are inherently feminine? Since the 1950s, the image of the American woman has gone through numerous makeovers. But masculine expectations remain the same—even as there are fewer opportunities to fulfill them. As a result, says joan. Reshaping the work-family debate: Why men and Class Matter, men have a choice: either feel inadequate or get a lot more creative.

names like (ahem) the Art. Throwback masculinity dominates other media as well, with. The dangerous book for boys (a work of dad-and-lad shtick) and. Shop Class as soulcraft (a cri de coeur for manual labor) topping reading lists, and television shows such. Dirty jobs, Ax Men, and, deadliest Catch re-romanticizing soot-collared work. A rappers saggy jeans, a hunters concealed weapon, a suburbanites man cave, a hipsters obsession with Don Draper: all might be seen as variations of the same coping mechanism. The impulse transcends race and class. But suggesting that men should stick to some musty script of masculinity only perpetuates the problem. For starters, it encourages them to confront new challenges the same way they dealt with earlier upheavals: by blaming women, retreating into the woods, or burying their anxieties beneath machismo.

Mens share of the labor force has declined from 70 percent in 1945 to less than 50 percent today, and in the countrys biggest cities, young, single, childless women—that is, the next generation—earn 8 percent more than their male peers. Women have matched or overtaken men as a percentage of students in college and graduate school, while men have retained their lead in alcoholism, suicide, homelessness, violence, and criminality. Factor in the Great Recession, which has decimated male-heavy industries like construction and manufacturing, and its no wonder so many deadline anthropologists are down on men. But while the state of American manhood has inspired plenty of anxious trend pieces, few observers have bothered to address the obvious question: if men are going off the rails, how do they get back on track? Without world an answer, some men have turned to old models and mores of manhood for salvation. Rutgers University anthropologist lionel Tiger, for example, wants to reclaim maleness as a force, as a phenomenon. Harvard government professor Harvey mansfield advocates action and aggression.

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Whats the matter with men? For years, the media have delivered the direst of prognoses. Men are in decline. Guys are getting stiffed. The war on boys has begun. This summer, The Atlantic s Hanna rosin went so far as to declare that. The End of Men is upon. Theres certainly some substance to these claims. Economy has transitioned from brawn to brain over the past three decades, a growing strange number of women have gone off to work.

manhood essay
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