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She is currently serving on the editorial board for the journal Scientific Reports. Yang-Tse Cheng, Phd, frank. Derbyshire Professor of Materials Science, department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Kentucky. Cheng has been a professor at the University of Kentucky since 2008. Previously, he was a technical fellow and laboratory group manager for engineered surfaces and functional materials at the general Motors Research and development Center. His research activities cover topics such as small scale mechanical property measurements; growth, structure, and properties of nanostructured materials; microscopic shape memory and superelastic effects; magnetorheological fluids; superhydrophobic surfaces; ion beam modification of materials; automotive applications of new materials and processes, including electrical contacts, high-power-density.

His research activities are on developing soft X-ray spectroscopy and spectromicroscopy of on operando electrochemical cell, combined with various nanomaterials, for their applications for clean energy including li-ion batteries and fuel cells. Zhou is an author and co-author of 90 refereed-journals, with total citation of over 6000 and h-index. C1b lithium-ion development commercialization alexandre Chagnes, Phd, professor, head, national Network Promethee, université de lorraine-georessources. Alexandre Chagnes is Full Professor at the national Engineering School of geology (ensg) from University of Lorraine and head of the national Network on Hydrometallurgy which gathers 32 laboratories and 160 researchers. In particular, he is interested in the understanding of the physicochemistry involved in hydrometallurgical processes for recovering metals from primary and secondary resources including spent lithium-ion batteries, as well in the physicochemistry and electrochemistry for designing new electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries. He is author or co-author of 92 open literature publications (h-index17) in solution chemistry, thermodynamics, electrochemistry and separation science, 1 patent and 107 in local, national and international meetings. Guoying Chen, Phd, staff Scientist, Energy liberation Storage and Distributed Resources division, lawrence berkeley national Laboratory. Guoying Chen is a staff scientist at Lawrence berkeley national Laboratory and principal investigator in various battery programs funded by the. She has over 15 years of experience with materials for lithium-ion and lithium metal battery systems, particularly battery electrodes, solid ceramic electrolytes and functionalized separators. Chen has authored over 60 peer-reviewed articles on fuel cells and batteries and holds several patents on these topics. She has served on review panels for the national Science foundation and for the department of Energy sbir biography program, and has co-organized symposia on batteries.

assistant underwriter aviation

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She is the author of over 225 articles and holds 35 patents. Kandler Smith, Phd, senior Scientist, battery computational and Systems Modeling, Transportation Hydrogen Systems Center, national Renewable Energy laboratory. Kandler Smith is a senior researcher with the. Department of Energys National Renewable Energy laboratory where he leads projects in computational modeling of batteries, lifetime prediction and enhancement, system design and real-time control. Together with other nrel group members,. Smith recently co-authored a book on large battery system design and integration and regularly publishes in those areas. Daniel Steingart, Phd, associate Professor, department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, Princeton University koukou suu, phd, ulvac fellow, general Manager, Global Marketing and Technology Strategy, ulvac, inc. Shaun Verner, msc, managing Director and ceo, syrah Resources Jigang Zhou, phd, staff Scientist, Innovation division, canadian Light source, inc.; Adjunct Professor, materials Engineering Department, western University jigang hazlitt Zhou, staff scientist at Canadian Light source and adjunct professor at Western University and hit, received his. He has 10 years on-field battery r d experience and almost ten years synchrotron energy industrial application experience.

assistant underwriter aviation

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Naval Research Laboratory debra rolison heads the Advanced Electrochemical Materials section at the. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington,. Her team designs, synthesizes, characterizes, and applies three-dimensionally structured, ultraporous, multifunctional nanoarchitectures for such rate-critical applications as catalysis, energy storage and conversion, and sensors. She received a bs in Chemistry from Florida Atlantic University (1975) and a phD in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1980). Rolison is a fellow of the aaas, awis, mrs, and acs. Among her major awards, she received the 2018 William. Nichols Medal, the department of the navy. Etter Top Scientist engineer team Award (2016 wallpaper the 2014 acs division of Analytical Chemistry Award in Electrochemistry, the 2012 Charles. Reilley award of the society for Electroanalytical Chemistry, the 2011 acs award in the Chemistry of Materials, and the 2011 Hillebrand Prize of the Chemical Society of Washington.

Panzer spent two years in the research Laboratory of Electronics at mit as a postdoctoral Associate in the laboratory of Prof. He has been the recipient of the massachusetts Clean Energy center Catalyst Program Award (2012, 2017 the recognition of Undergraduate teaching Excellence (route) Award (2014 and the lillian and Joseph leibner Award for Distinguished teaching and Advising (2016) from Tufts University. Nat., division Manager, materials, meet battery research Center, University of Münster. Tobias Placke studied chemistry at the University of Münster and received his diploma in the group of Prof. Martin Winter in the field of physical chemistry in 2010. He finished his doctorate (Dr. Nat.) at the meet battery research Center in Münster in 2014 and focused on the development and characterization of anode materials for lithium ion batteries in his thesis. Currently, tobias Placke is the division Manager of the materials division at meet, in which a group of about 20 PhD students and PostDocs works on the development of improved anode and cathode active materials as well as inactive components for the next generation. Debra rolison, Phd, head, Advanced Electrochemical Materials Section, surface Chemistry Branch code 6170,.

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assistant underwriter aviation

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Similar techniques were also used in assessing the performance of supercapacitors. The laboratory has further pioneered developments of techniques for studying the characteristics of commercial and custom cells. Lu li, research Assistant, nikhil. Koratkar Group, department of Mechanical, aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering, rensselaer Polytechnic Institute william. Mustain, Phd, professor, department of Chemical Engineering, Swearingen Engineering Center, University of south Carolina william (Bill) Mustain is a full Professor in the department of Chemical Engineering at the University of south Carolina. He has worked in several areas related to electrochemical energy generation and storage including: high-capacity materials for li-ion batteries, catalysts and supports for proton exchange membrane and anion exchange membrane fuel cells and electrolyzers, electrochemical synthesis of fuels, and the electrochemical capture and utilization. Professor Mustain has been awarded approximately 6M in externally funded research projects.

He has published nearly 80 peer-reviewed articles dissertation and has given more than 100 invited and conference talks. He has been the recipient of several awards including the 2009 Illinois Institute of Technology young Alumnus Award, 2013. Department of Energy early career Award, 2014 Connecticut quality Improvement Platinum Award, 2014 Supramaniam Srinivasan young Investigator Award (Awarded by the Energy technology division of the Electrochemical Society) and Fulbright Scholar Fellowship. Matthew Panzer, Phd, associate Professor, Graduate Program Chair, Chemical biological Engineering, tufts University matthew Panzer is an Associate Professor in the department of Chemical biological Engineering at Tufts University in Medford,. He obtained an Honors Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Distinction degree from the University of Delaware, and earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Minnesota under the direction of Prof. Daniel Frisbie with a thesis entitled Polymer Electrolyte-gated Organic field-Effect Transistors. Before coming to tufts, Prof.

As a consulting engineer,. Doninger served as President of Dontech Global, Inc. During his 17-year career with Superior Graphite., he held the posts of Senior Vice-President, technology, vice-President, Engineering and Product Commercialization, vice- president, manufacturing, and Vice-President, technology. His corporate background also includes that of Vice-President, sales and Marketing, minerals Group, Applied Industrial Materials Corp, of deerfield, il; and General Sales and Marketing Manager, International Minerals and Chemical Corp., of Libertyville,. Maximilian Fichtner, Phd, executive director, helmholtz Institute Ulm (hiu managing Director, Energy Storage Group, Institute of Nanotechnology, karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Maximilian Fichtner is a full professor (W3) for Solid State Chemistry at the Ulm University and head of Materials-i at the helmholtz-Institute Ulm. Since 2015 he is also Executive director of the institute.

His current research interest is on novel principles for energy storage and the related materials in insertion and conversion-type battery systems. Recent work has focused on the new class of li rich fcc materials, anionic shuttles, magnesium batteries, and organic electrode materials. He has published more than 250 research and conference papers and is (co-)author of 20 patent applications. His h index. Alexej Jerschow, Phd, professor, Chemistry department, new York University Alexej is Professor of Chemistry at nyu with over 20 years of experience in magnetic resonance and its applications in fields ranging from the health to the materials fields. Alexej led a team that produced the first lithium mri images from intact li-ion cells, which allowed unprecedented visualization and characterization of li-dendrites in situ.

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Doninger, wallpaper Phd, director, manufacturing and Technology, focus Graphite Inc. Doninger is the developer and co-developer of a essay number. S., european and Canadian patents related to carbon processing methodologies and processing equipment. Also, a chemical engineer,. Doninger is the author and co-author of some two dozen technical papers and studies related to graphite composite anodes; carbon-based materials for electrochemical energy storage systems; advanced graphite for Lithium-ion batteries and other related publications. He also is a co-editor of a nato science series book titled New Carbon Based Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage systems. Doningers academic background includes an Honorary Professorship at the department of Chemistry, kiev national University of Technologies and Design; a doctorate of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering and Master of Science, chemical Engineering, northwestern University, and; a bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, University.

assistant underwriter aviation

She received the ornl directors Award for Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Science and Technology statement (2015) and the ornls Early career Research Award (2015). She was recently awarded the burton Metal by the microscopy society of America (2016). Kyeongjae (KJ) Cho, phd, professor, department of Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Texas, dallas kj cho has received his Bachelor degree (1986) and Master degree (1988) in Physics from the seoul National University (seoul, korea and PhD (1994) in Physics from mit (Cambridge. He has worked as a postdoctoral associate (1994-1995) and research scientist (1995-1997) in the research Laboratory of Electronics at mit. During, he has had a joint appointment in the division of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. During, he has worked as an assistant professor in the mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford University, and he was also appointed as a courtesy assistant professor in the materials Science and Engineering Department at Stanford University during. In 2006, he has joined as a tenured associate professor and is currently working as a full professor in the materials Science and Engineering and Physics Departments at the University of Texas at Dallas.

thermodynamics data collection and processing addresses the soc and soh determination. We found a universal rule, which applies to all lib tested at any soh (ageing that is the soc is a linear function of entropy and enthalpy. Linearity coefficients are lib chemistry and soh dependent. Therefore, the thermodynamics assessment method teaches on the type of cathode material and on the degree of anode and cathode degradation as the battery ages. C1a next-generation battery research miaofang Chi, phd, senior Staff Scientist, center for Nanophase materials Sciences, oak ridge national Laboratory miaofang Chi currently is a senior staff scientist at the center for Nanophase materials Sciences (cnms) at oak ridge national Laboratory (ornl). She received her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from University of California, davis in 2008. Her primary research interest lies in the development and application of novel electron microscopy techniques for energy materials, especially on analytical functional imaging and atomic-scale in situ microscopy for battery materials and fuel cell catalysts. She was awarded the lawrence Graduate research Fellowship in 2006, the distinguished Scholar Award by the microanalysis Society in 2007, and the significant event awards at ornl (2014, 2016).

(lgcpi the north American subsidiary of the lithium-ion battery maker, lg chem (lgc korea. In this position, she has overall responsibility for the strategic direction, engineering, and business development activities for the north American market. The majority of her professional career, nearly 30 years, was spent at General Motors in the usa. Director of Battery systems Engineering, director of Transmission Controls Engineering, director of Powertrain Controller Engineering, director of Powertrain Software Engineering, and development of powertrain and vehicle electrical systems were her core engineering responsibilities. A review of the current global trends in vehicle electrification and automotive battery technologies will be presented. This will be carried out highlighting lg chems participation in the various segments from materials, cell and cost points of view. Celina mikolajczak, director of Battery development, Uber Celina mikolajczak will be speaking about the Uber Elevate initiative and sharing vision for how vertical take-off and landing vehicles will change the world, as well as the energy storage needs required to power Uberair missions in the. Rachid yazami, phd, school of Materials Science engineering, Program Director, Energy Storage, energy research Institute, nanyang Technological University, singapore rachid yazami is a french Morrocan scientist best known for his research on lithium-ion batteries and on fluoride-ion batteries. He is the inventor of the graphite anode (negative pole) of lithium-ion batteries.

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Create a profile and receive job Alerts. Job Alerts help you stay up-to-date with relevant opportunities - so you dont miss out. Get started, already have a profile? Speaker biographies, plenary keynote Program ( view r d stream, c1a next-Generation Battery research ( view c1b lithium-Ion development commercialization ( view ). Manufacturing Stream, c2a high Performance battery manufacturing ( view c1b lithium-Ion development commercialization ( view applications Stream, c2B Alternatives in Energy Storage ( view c3A Advances in Automotive power Applications ( view c3b power Applications for Consumer Electronics ( view engineering Stream, c4a battery safety. Training Seminar ( view ). Tutorials ( view ) Plenary keynote Program Jeff Dahn, Phd, professor, canada research Chair, nserc/Tesla canada Industrial Research Chair, department of Chemistry, dalhousie university jeff Dahn is recognized as one of the pioneering developers of the lithium-ion battery that is now used worldwide in laptop. This presentation will examine how the electrolyte changes during the lifetime wood of the cell. Denise Gray, ceo, lg chem Power Denise Gray is President/ceo of lg chem Power Inc.

assistant underwriter aviation
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