Proper disposal of garbage essay

What you can, put Down your Garbage disposal

As taught in the religions (even in Buddhism is a sidetrack. When you have that recognition you perceive directly that you have been, in a sense, thought-free all along, even while thoughts were arising and dissolving again within your mindspace. As you progress, so at times even that mindspace will have apparently thought-free spells, but it is important not to make that state a goal at all, and to let it occur naturally if it does happen, without regarding it as good or bad. Just perceive all thoughts, feelings, objects and phenomena as temporary arisings within the expansive space of your indefinable enlightened presence that always observes. The beauty of this approach to meditation - what has often been called 'non-meditation' - is that it is carried out (most likely to a varying extent until you have got thoroughly used to it) all the time in everyday life, and really does not. I do not have formal meditation sessions at all myself, though my self-healing sessions are in a sense meditation of a sort. For a more focused 'mindfulness' meditation within the context of my continuous 'non-meditation which is what I have been describing here, my everyday life finds all sorts of slots for me to have moments of 'observational repose' (just invented that expression this moment!). Just think of your waits in queues - supermarket checkouts, airports, traffic tailbacks, and so on - and how you can joyfully use each such experience to bring yourself back into a state of peaceful harmony and balance, not drifting off into preoccupations with non-thought.

You will find after a while that as you focus your observation upon any specific thought, the latter will tend to dissolve, and with practice over the weeks and months this will happen more and more, and less thoughts would arise, so leaving your mind. That focusing on thoughts to make them dissolve needs not be done in a manner that is striving to clear the mindspace, but to be just allowed to occur in a relaxed and peacefully joyful manner. Anytime you notice you are trying to achieve anything, relax management again and let go of expository that 'trying' urge. This is best carried out not in formal meditation sessions but simply as often as you manage in everyday life (aiming for it to become all the time so that you are directly changing for the better the way you experience everyday life. I counsel against anyone seeking to achieve a completely thought-free mind, even only in formal meditation sessions - and note also my answer to the previous question. Trying to achieve a thought-free mind can be a very problematical sidetrack and is completely unnecessary for you to become enlightened. Your innermost level of consciousness, which is effectively your enlightened state already there within you, is and always has been 100 thought-free, so there is nothing for you to clear from. As you learn to perceive yourself as the silent observer of your thoughts, you are progressively taking yourself towards the eventual moment of recognition, when you perceive directly that innermost nature of yours and recognise it as your true identity. That is all that is entailed in the gaining of fundamental clarity (as I prefer to call it) or becoming enlightened (as it is widely called). Anything more complex or esoteric,.

proper disposal of garbage essay

Improper Waste disposal - effects of - uk essays

For garbage-free methods of gaining true and balanced wallpaper self-actualization and enlightenment, please see healing and Self-Actualization - the safest and quickest way. Any tips on mind chatter? As soon as I start to meditate my brain goes into overdrive! A great starting point would be to stop trying to empty your mind of chatter, and let it run! sounds sort of unlikely and contradictory, doesn't it! Also, formal meditation is very unlikely to be the most helpful way for you to be going about quietening your mind. Instead of worrying about all that mental chatter and gossip, just train yourself to observe it without responding to it, and to recognise that you yourself are not the chatter but are instead the peaceful, indefinable presence that is the observer of the chatter, and.

proper disposal of garbage essay

Garbage pollution : causes, Effects and Solutions

To cultivate the rigorous honesty that i am pointing to, you need always to keep open the possibility that you are or have been fooling yourself and there are truths about you and your everyday motivations that you have so far not recognised (or acknowledged). We have the irony that the more honest you are with yourself, the more you acknowledge the possibility that you are not being honest with yourself. The simplest and easiest way that i know of to develop and cultivate such self awareness and become increasingly 'self honest' is to take up the methodology that I present in healing and Self-Actualization - the safest and quickest way. "I have meditated for years and years, and life has now become a flat, almost dull experience with no real feelings. Please, is this really what enlightenment is like?" Emphatically, no, my friend! The trouble has been that you have been using meditation to try to 'get there no doubt because you were unwittingly deceived by others, such as in the various Buddhist traditions, who themselves have been extensively deceived by the garbage (aka 'dark force 'forces. That fixation on formal meditation, quite apart from denying much of the abundance of life experience, results in the creation of illusory realities in which it ultimately appears that one has achieved hippie one's aim when actually one is experiencing only a distorted facsimile of the. It is thus important to extricate oneself from such methodologies and traditions - which are all ultimately sourced from the garbage in order to divert us away from true self-realization / self-actualization and into illusory realities that would make us captives of the garbage instead. I have come to the clear understanding that enlightenment and self-actualization are most readily achieved without formal meditation, even though for some people an occasional meditation session can be helpful.

Many people would interpret that exhortation as an instruction to be all the more direct in their irrational and negative communications and behaviour, irresponsibly indulging every feeling that they experience. That sort of thing is precisely what my core advice is intended to steer away from. To be fully true to yourself you have be ruthlessly honest with yourself. You have to look deeply at all levels of your life experience, right down to the deepest levels of your consciousness, and recognise the way that all manner of uncomfortable feelings are causing you to avoid them by presenting a false id to the world. So, to be fully true to yourself you have to be constantly vigilant for manifestations of your false id and set them aside. You must learn to observe, recognise and set aside your ordinary, conscious mind's many little agendas. You must never assume that you are now fully self-aware and manifesting your true id so that you need not hold yourself and your experiences up to question any more. The latter is what is known as 'living in denial and to some extent we all fall into that trap at times.

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proper disposal of garbage essay

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Strong channelling crystals such as Lemurian seed crystals (a striking and beautiful form of quartz crystal) are a menace, because they do indeed assist channelling and thus, however pure your intentions, will increase your garbage connection, whether or not you realize that it is the. I was actually using one of these lemurian crystals when I started dowsing systematically, trying to channel from supposed higher beings, and that landed me in a 'nightmare' scenario that took me several years of determined work to get out. Please see the 'forces of Darkness' astral beings - my own tough Experiences. If you want to use a truly beneficial type of stone for healing, then you are left with polished stone spheres of suitable type, and the user controlled programmable energy devices, which at the moment means the Clarity-Sphere (or, to a fair lens extent, the Energy. "What's your secret?" - asked by a group of mountain walkers taking a refreshment break on the coire dubh Mor track gently ascending round the flank of beinn Eighe in the north-West Highlands (Scotland as they watched me gliding with seemingly no effort up the. My immediate reply was "An inefficient digestion!" - to which there were sounds of puzzlement, so i helped them out: "Jet propulsion, my friends!". I sailed on, accompanied by the receding guffaws of laughter.

Well, my legendary farting status was good for a laugh, but then I started slightly regretting that I had not stopped and actually told the good fellows what it really was that waseasing my walking so much. Having reached beinn Eighe's main summit by a direct and very steep but secure route that not many people take, and eaten my packed lunch up there in blissful and elevated solitude, i moved on towards the main part of the summit ridge,. Then I told them the real cause of my ease of walking - the Alexander Technique, which among a multitude of other benefits makes for a much looser and more efficient mode of walking. This more efficient walking mode enables you to make maximum use of gravity, which can greatly help you even in walking up steep mountain slopes. "What is the one most essential piece of advice you would give to everyone - say, on a brief tv interview?" be fully true to yourself! However, i must immediately add some provisos here. Most people are not only far from being true to themselves but also do not even know what that means (though of course they believe that they do).

Yes, rose quartz might resonate with love 'energies' (but then again that is most likely one of the vast number of healers' myths promoted by the garbage, which latter interferes with each of us but what actually are mabel's own needs and sensitivities? Most healers would seek to answer that question by asking supposed guides or other higher beings - but as i explain in Problems About Channelling clairvoyance - the safe Alternative, that is simply asking the garbage, which in such situations typically present itself as some. In any case, the vast majority of people actually do not really know what love is and therefore what would constitute 'love energies' - see love is Not What nearly All people believe. There is a method of finding out what a particular person's needs / sensitivities are, and i use it now: energy testing. The supposed healing effects (generally misleadingly described as 'energies' ) from crystals and stones are inherently unbalanced, being to a large extent fixed by the nature of the crystal / stone.

Why mess around with seeking to apply the most appropriate (or indeed least inappropriate) unbalanced energies to a person when you can instead work from your core and bring out the exactly appropriate, 'highest'-possible-sourced and purest healing 'energies' in the whole of Existence, allowing them. The myth that we need to receive healing 'energy' from 'outside' ourselves. In fact, as noted above, the 'highest' and purest healing 'energies' are accessed from our own core or deepest aspects, whose deepest aspect of all is fundamental consciousness (aka universal consciousness) itself. Thus if you invoke supposedly higher beings or use any sort of device such as a crystal or a wand to bring in healing energies, what you are doing is bringing in effects or 'energies' that are lesser and generally less pure than 'the Ultimate. The garbage has sidetracked healers almost universally into using methods that are inferior and that in various ways allow it to gain access into people's non-physical aspects in order to gain more control over them. Encouraging the use of crystals and stones is part of that strategy. Crystals, stones, wands and other devices (even symbols as well as having disruptive and unbalancing 'energy' effects, can become possessed by problematical 'entities' (actually not true entities at all but elementals which are commonly hidden from most healers and psychics. Healers generally glibly tell you methods of clearing the items of any 'negative energy' that they are holding, but you have no guarantee that whatever methods you have used have actually and completely worked - and even if they have, how soon would. As i understand it nowadays, in reality these various items cannot be cleared of their 'possessions' or supposed 'negative energies' by normal healers' methods, despite most healers' belief that they can - their methods generally being reasonably describable as superstitious mumbo-jumbo.

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The only forms of crystals or stones free of this effect are rounded forms free of facets and points - particularly spheres. However, spheres of these crystals and minerals still are subject to the following problems. Individual sensitivities and appropriateness. We are generally told that a particular type of mineral or stone has a specific dissertation set of positive and healing effects for particular issues for people generally (or at least people of a particular Zodiac sign - which itself is a lot of very harmful. What we are virtually never told is that each individual person has his/her own unique set of resonances, sensitivities and susceptibilities. What this means in practice is that it is a serious misunderstanding to operate on the basis of, for example, "Mabel would benefit from more love energies in her life, so let's use some rose quartz on her and recommend that she has rose quartz. Also, categorizing people by the twelve zodiac signs does not really take one forward, because it is still avoiding the issue of each individual's uniqueness, and the whole field of astrology is of the garbage and connects you with problems beyond your wildest imaginings when.

proper disposal of garbage essay

Or should I just find a shop and start touching up crystals until I find one with good energy?" I did write here a quite long answer to the above question, but nowadays i actually warn against using crystals at all - and healing wands. There are several issues that make crystals best avoided - even though it is almost universally believed among healers that crystals are a good Thing and can assist in healing work. I particularly caution that sacred geometry healing wands or devices, including merkabas, despite any good intentions of their makers, are products of very strong, albeit usually covert, garbage (aka 'dark force 'forces of darkness 'forces of evil influence, and, despite any healing effects that. I was using such writing devices myself and I have little doubt that they very significantly contributed to the serious problems that i experienced with the garbage particularly from late 2003 to the first half of 2007. It does appear that crystals and fashioned mineral stones appear to be able to gather and focus subtle 'energies' that, if used appropriately, can have a healing effect for some people. However, the problems include the following: Environmental stress - disruptive 'energy' effects. Whatever positive and helpful effects the crystals have, the edges and points of all crystals or crystal-shaped (i.e., faceted) mineral stones give off harmful, disruptive effects (known as sha chi or cutting chi ) in one's non-physical aspects. They are thus unhealthy to have around you at all, even just placed ornamentally on a ledge in your living space.

(purported) raging inferno. Actually, that in itself is one of the great problems about 'jesus' and similar figures - that people go following 'teachings' from them. That has absolutely nothing to do with self-actualization and everything to do with self disempowerment (and thus self un -actualization) through being 'sheep' and taking on another person's ideas and beliefs instead of getting in touch with the real source of what they really need. Christianity (or at least its mainstream elements) was very much under the influence of the garbage when it deified what was really just a garbage-sourced caricature of 'jesus' and insisted that people should believe in all that (and indeed in an actually illusory external, judgmental. Anything to turn people right away from self-actualization and into the clutches of the very influence that the religious authorities would condemn as 'the devil 'satan' and so forth! Yes, Christianity is an organisation of their own self created 'devil' or Satan - not of anything truly beneficial to us! I refer you again to The True nature of 'The forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks, where i put forward the overall picture that, i hope, will make sense of the above apparently outrageous claim that Christianity and all religions are sourced from. Intelligence Stops Here "I have never been to a crystal shop or met a healer in person who used crystals, so i am totally ignorant of them. Any advice on what types tend to be more useful than others - any particular characteristics to look for or avoid?

In all those traditions and indeed all so-called spiritual paths the garbage has got people taking on board beliefs that create for them illusory realities that are aimed to ensnare them when they die. Part of this process is the inveigling of people into taking on beliefs in various sorts of supposed higher reality, which almost always contain supposedly higher, non-physical, beings. These include god, the holy Spirit and 'jesus' (as a current manifestation) as well as angels, archangels, Elohim and. So, sorry to say, christianity and all other religions are very much sourced from the garbage, and the supposed realities that they try to get people believing in are all likewise, and they are bound to cause tremendous problems on a time-scale unthinkably beyond this. I am not disputing, however, that there was a man who eventually got widely known as Jesus operating as some sort of charismatic spiritual teacher approximately 2,000 years ago. However, the accounts of him and his life and teachings distort them almost beyond recognition - nowhere more so than in the accounts given in the bible. One thing that becomes clear if you stop and think about it in a clear-minded way is that 'jesus' was nohristian!* - indeed, he could not possibly have been! And the vast majority of Christians for most of the time since the time of 'jesus' have been and are extremely far removed from following the true teachings* of 'jesus which themselves, apparently, were more about being 'spiritual' (and thus actually, unawarely, captives of the. Indeed, the Church has strenuously sought to suppress information about the true, historical person who came to be called Jesus, because even his distorted teachings were seen as empowering people too much and threatening the hold and authority upon them of the Church -.


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This page's contents are, copyright. You are welcome to link to this page, but please do, nOT place copies of its contents on other websites. If you find it posted on any site other than arity-of-being. Org, please report the fact. In order to properly understand the contents of this and wood many other pages on this site it is necessary to carefully read. Exit 'Spirituality' - enter Clear-Mindedness, which provides essential background information. Wherever in the following notes i use the word 'master' or 'master i have put it in"s because i no longer accept the use of that word to mean a spiritual teacher - even a supposedly high level one - because of the issues. "What is your view of God, the life of Jesus, and Christianity?". As explained in, the True nature of 'The forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks, my understanding nowadays is that all religions and so-called spiritual paths and traditions are sourced from the garbage (aka 'dark force 'forces of darkness 'forces of evil for the.

proper disposal of garbage essay
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Prevention of Water Pollution: Know control measures of water pollution, ways to reduce it, steps to prevent it, and how to stop water pollution. The advent of agriculture has ushered in an unprecedented increase in the human population and their domesticated animals. Here's the recycling question from last week, with my essay 'skeleton' below.

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