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And that really helped us create something that actually started to feel like what Carl would have wanted. This is exactly the reason he did this: to inspire new generations and other people to explore, and that's exactly what was happening for us during the process! View 20 images, research images, that's where the organic process started to come from. We would find an element and start to develop what that would look like and then we would search for something to match. So it was like all of that research that we did before and all the images that we combed through and all of the scientific models and illustrations and everything, they started to fit together in a visual pattern. Then we started to derive concepts from those visual patterns.

What was your process like to resume find all of the interconnected imagery? We had a few people researching and collecting many sources from concept art to scientific models and renderings, to archival footage. Cosmos Studios already had a ton of images and access to libraries from around the world. Sorting through it all and creating a cohesive story that was poetic, poignant, and not too abstract took many variations of arrangements. Using the" from above as our guide, the sequence began to take shape organically. Was there anything that took you by surprise plan when working on this sequence? Most of the surprises came during our research phase. It was more educational going through all those references. I found myself going on tangents, on strange space and science websites and research channels that Id never dove into before. It was so inspiring to just go through that exercise.

personal odyssey essay

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Mood and concept storyboard by designer Filipe Carvalho. After researching the original show, which aired when I was too young to care about, we found a" from Carl Sagan that really resonated with us: we are a way for the universe to know itself. This" became our guiding thread and ultimately led to the final concept. We landed on a circular approach starting from within the eye loosely representing a knowledge of self and ending on a supernova in the shape of an eye, representing the great unknown. Between the bookends of the eye and the nebula we wanted to bring back some of the themes we had been exploring. View 6 images, main title development storyboard, including unused time-lapse concepts. How did you conduct your research?

personal odyssey essay

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Let's talk about the first set of boards and the direction you went. There were so many concepts that we had to figure out how to tone it down into something tangible. We worked with designer. Felipe is an artist that we work with quite a bit and his frames really started to help. Parts of the boards were very well received by the client, while other ones were not. We kept brainstorming and it kept growing and changing. Once we had those frames together and were able to get the temperature test from the client based on those, we were able to kind of start to get to a place that actually made sense.

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personal odyssey essay

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She was a co-writer of the 1980 pbs documentary series. Cosmos, hosted by the late carl Sagan, whom she married in 1981. She was also the creator/producer/writer of the follow-up, cosmos: a spacetime Odyssey. We discussed some general app concepts that would be covered in the show, but were given almost zero directives as to what concepts we should explore. We were really on our own to figure out how to weave these concepts together into something that would reveal the logo, and pay homage to the. So what were some of your business concepts?

With everything in the cosmos being a potential concept, we went through many variations! We had some great brainstorming discussions and research sessions. Some of the general concepts that we looked at were knowledge of self, exploration of all types, time perception, inner space, outer space, supernovas, biology, evolution, human development of tools to allow exploration, and on and. We explored linear approaches dealing with historical feats of human nature and discovery, leading to what we know now to be cutting edge space-time concepts. Bringing the viewer through a history lesson of sorts to current time and then try to inspire the current youth to continue exploring. We explored montage or collage-like approaches to build mood and excitement in a more abstract way. Original mood edit for the open title sequence.

What was the first client meeting about this sequence like? Initially, they approached us with an idea of a split-screen type of thing, to show what the eye would see as it evolved, but we decided to go with more of a graphic, abstract approach. The video was going to show an eye actually being formed. We had worked on some storyboards for some of the show content, based on a script about the importance of photosensitivity and how it was responsible for much of our evolution. View 14 images, eye evolution concept board, during that initial phase we developed some images that would ultimately become the eye-nebula, which became the main branding image for the show.

We weren't able to complete that content portion of the show due to budgetary reasons, but they came back to us and had kind of fallen in love with the image of the eye-nebula. We were then invited to discuss how we might work together on developing a logo reveal for the show. Main title concept pitch, originally that opening sequence was only supposed to be like 15 seconds. So it was just going to be some sort of reveal a logo reveal with the eye. Fox haven't done a long, 1 minute 30 second open in many, many years. We were so excited to be involved. We sat down with Ann Druyan and some others from the team but little did we know we would be given the most daunting creative outline that we had ever heard The universe is your palette. ann Druyan is an American author and producer specializing in productions about cosmology and popular science.

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For Odysseus, the hero in the epic "The Odyssey a similar idea came into mind when leaving his home to fight in the Trojan War, unfortunately the journey took more time than he originally anticipated. Odysseus's, original plan was for a single escapade from his house located in Ithaca to fight in the battle of paper Troy and to come back, but it ended up turning into an adventure, traveling everywhere from a corrupted nymph, to giant Cyclops, even leading him. A discussion with Creative director, curtis doss of, big Block design Group. Give us a little background on Big Block design Group. We are a part of Big Block, most known for finishing, vfx, and car commercial work. Executive director Pete king brought us aboard with the intent of developing a design-focused division for the company, and Shaun Collings and I have been part of that for the past two years. Shaun and I have worked together many times in the past, first cutting our teeth. Shilo in San diego. We have always worked well together and when Pete suggested we head up the design arm of Big Block we jumped at the opportunity.

personal odyssey essay

Examples of installable device drivers are cdroms, mice, plotters etc. When msdos boots, it looks for a file called s in the root directory. This personal file specifies which device drivers to install and where they are found. Summary: The journey of Odysseus in Homer's The Odyssey took more time than Odysseus originally intended and contains many adventures along the way. These adventures brought out Odysseus' many character traits, including perseverance, loyalty, determination, and patience. 2 17/4/06, odysseus's Struggle to find His way home: His Many journeys. A typical scene: you and your family take a trip somewhere else, leaving home for a week, maybe 2 weeks at a time, expecting to end your journey back where you started, your home.

associated with your computer are devices. Examples are keyboards, mouse and video screen. For every device associated with your computer, msdos uses a program to control. This program is called a device driver. Msdos provides built-in device drivers for the keyboard, monitor and disk drives. These built-in device drivers are automatically loaded by msdos and are an integral part. Msdos supports installable device drivers. These are device drivers that support additional hardware added to the computer, and are loaded at boot time.

An operating system provides mechanisms for running programs, handling errors, controlling devices, configuring the computer system, and for msdos, a user interface (sometimes called a shell). The main system part of msdos consists of three files: s, s m, s implements msdos as seen by the hardware. It has default device drivers for console display and keyboard printer serial communications clock boot disk drive. S implements msdos as seen by application programs. It supports file and record management memory management character device input and output execution of other programs access to a real-time clock, m is the shell program that interprets resume user commands, presents the shell prompt, and contains a set of internal commands. A diskette used to load msdos into the computer must contains these three files. In addition, these files must be first on the diskette. The rest of msdos consists of utility programs.

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Dos Essay, research Paper, dOS essay (Disk Operating System) was developed by the microsoft Corporation, as the standard operating system for use with ibm personal computers. It controls the basic functions of the computer, and is especially handy for working with data stored on disks. The dos system resides on diskette (3.5.25) and the system files may be transferred to a hard disk unit. An operating system is a program that allows competing programs to share the resources of the computer (memory, disk, and devices like printers and modems, and processing time). The operating systems first job is to initialize the hardware of the computer system, before running application programs. For personal computers, msdos is a single user, single tasking operating system. Single user means only one person uses the computer at a time. Single tasking means that it essentially only runs one application program at a time, and has no inherent support for running more than one application program simultaneously.

personal odyssey essay
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  2. So what were some of your concepts? Essay.ended up turning into an adventure, traveling everywhere from a corrupted nymph, to giant Cyclops, even leading him to the land of the dead, showing his personal. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous"s, the SparkNotes 2001: a space. Odyssey, study guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

  3. Personal, essay as an Epistemological Instrument in the Unique and the Universal. Brandon Schrand is the author of the memoirs Works Cited: An Alphabetical. She was also the creator/producer/writer of the follow-up, cosmos: a spacetime.

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  5. Custom, essay / New, essay. The, odyssey revolves around timeless themes of family, relationships, personal growth, vengeance and justice, which is why the epic poem continues to be an object of study and interest to the contemporary reader. Odyssey, essay, outline your. Odyssey, essay, research Paper The lessons.

  6. A slightly discombobulated personal essay and open letter to techno music, written by east to west s Holly Friedlander. When we talk about epic poems, no other piece of literature finds as spectacular a position in the Greek culture as do The Iliad and The. Essay examples for college.

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