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The narrator Travis begins the novel by telling why they gave old Yeller his name. He was yellow, or "yeller in color and he had a loud bark. Travis says how Old Yeller made him so mad when he first came that he wanted to kill him but when he had to kill him later on it is really hard, since he had come to think very highly of the dog. Old Yeller arrives in the late 1860s, the same time papa leaves to Abilene on the cattle drive for money. Travis is left behind with his brother, little Arliss, and Mama to take care of the place and protect and provide for the family. Travis finishes the chores for that day, including plowing between the cornrows with their mule jumper, and feels confident he can handle things while papa is gone. A "yeller" dog shows.

Before he leaves, he warns Travis that rabies is infecting a vast amount of animals, and he must be careful to make sure that Yeller does not become one of them. At the end of the novel, the coates family are once again attacked by a wild animal, a wolf, and saved by yellers bravery. Yeller is bit during the attack and becomes infected with rabies. Travis knows that despite his connection to yeller and Yellers protection of his family, the dog must be killed before it becomes fully rabid and does any harm to him and his family. As the man of the house while his father is gone, travis takes it upon himself to put Yeller out of his misery with his hunting rifle. Travis is heartbroken by what he has prewriting done, but knows that it was the right thing to do for his family. Travis is given one of Yellers puppies by lisbeth. The puppy almost instantly shows itself to have its fathers character, causing trouble in a way that endears him to Travis and Arliss. Jim comes home and gives Travis the promised horse in accordance with the strength and maturity he has shown while his father was away. The novel ends with Travis comfortable in the knowledge that he will ride out to hunt on his new horse with his new dog following just behind.

old yeller book report

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After this incident, yeller helps the family with numerous problems, including improving Travis hunting prospects and protecting the family from a variety of dangerous animals. This new-found relationship between Travis and Yeller is tested twice shortly after it is established. The first time is when a neighbor, bud searcy and his granddaughter Lisbeth come over to discuss local gossip, and Travis discovers report that Yeller has been stealing food from nearby ranches. Instead of disclosing Yellers culpability in the matter, he decides to keep Yeller in the house during the night, a decision which requires a good deal of discipline as he must keep the usually restless Yeller in his bedroom with him and Arliss as they. Two more important plot points are revealed in the meeting with the searcys: Rabies, called by its former name of hydrophobia, has been spreading throughout the area, and Lisbeths dog is expected to soon have a litter of Yellers puppies. Shortly after, yellers former owner meets the coates family. Initially he asks for Yeller, but after seeing the relationship the coates have with him, he gives the dog to them in exchange for a home cooked meal.

old yeller book report

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The first time the advantages dog is seen by Travis and the reader is the day after Jim has left the family. Yeller has devoured a piece of meat that the family was about to prepare for a meal. Yeller continues to cause trouble, with only younger brother Arliss devotion to him keeping Travis from pushing him away from the household. Travis changes his stance only after Yeller displays his singular heroism and instinct. Arliss, for whom collecting critters is a beloved pastime, grabs hold of a bear cub in the forest and is confronted by the mother bear. Travis is too far away to help Arliss, but when things seem beyond hope, yeller sprints through the trees and accosts the bear, giving Arliss and Travis enough time to escape. Once the coates boys are safe, yeller returns to the home. In his relief, Travis discovers not only how much he loves his brother, but that he cares for Yeller as well.

Old Yeller by Fred Gipson. Old Yeller is a coming of age novel set in 1860s Texas that details the relationship between the coates family, especially the 14-year-old son, Travis, and a stray dog named Old Yeller. The dog is named both for his dingy yellow coat (yeller as pronounced in the southern accent that permeates the narrative) and his bark, which sounds more like a yell than the standard animal call. Yeller comes into the coates familys life after Jim, the father of the family, leaves on a cattle drive to kansas. Before he leaves, jim tells Travis that he is now the man of the house until he returns home, a designation which motivates Travis to take responsibility and make sacrifices for the good of his family. If Travis can prove himself worthy of the designation of being a man, his father promises to give him a mans horse. Although the coates family is at the center of the narrative, it is Travis relationship with Yeller that is the focus. When Yeller is first introduced, Travis not only finds him to be a nuisance but actively despises him.

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old yeller book report

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As the crops in the fields ripen, Travis must sleep outside to keep the coons and other varmints away. He pre develops a real appreciation for Old Yeller, who is eminently helpful and a loyal companion. When Spot, a rogue heifer, must be caught and broken for milking, the dog knows instinctively how to bring her in and make her behave. At the end of two weeks, she is the gentlest cow Travis has ever milked, thanks to Old Yeller. To the familys dismay, a newcomer to salt Licks, burn Sanderson, comes by one day and says he has lost a big yeller dog. Despite Traviss protests that they cant do without Old Yeller, mama insists that if the dog belongs to the man, they will have to give him. As Sanderson prepares to ride off null with Old Yeller, Arliss figures out what is happening.

He throws a wall-eyed fit, frightening Sanderson's horse and creating pandemonium. Sanderson, a kind and reasonable man, realizes how much Old Yeller means to the family and is taken with Arlisss intensity and passion. He makes a trade—the coates can keep the dog if Mama will make him a great, home-cooked meal. Before he leaves, sanderson takes Travis aside. He recognizes Travis as the man of the house and warns him that there is indeed a plague. SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters,"s, and essay topics. . This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of.

He begins to take old Yeller with him when he hunts, and he finds that the big, ugly creature is an invaluable help. One day, mama makes a sumptuous supper of wild turkey, but when Travis offers the dog some meat, he is not interested. The family wonders how Old Yeller stays so fat and healthy looking when he never seems to eat much. The answer is provided when a neighbor, bud searcy, comes to visit. Searcy is an ill-mannered, red-faced man with a bulging middle who loves to talk and is generally considered to be shiftless. He rides up with Lisbeth, his eleven-year-old granddaughter, whom Travis appreciates because she is solemn and reserved—different from most girls.

Searcy makes himself right at home, lounging comfortably in a chair outside the house and spitting tobacco juice copiously while he talks about what is going on in the settlement. Among other topics in his seemingly endless narrative, searcy announces that there is fear of a hydrophobia outbreak in the area, and he hopes that the threat of rabies does not reach Salt Licks. He also says that some strange varmint has been stealing food from farms all over the settlement, which makes Travis feel strangely uneasy. Later, lisbeth takes Travis aside and tells him that the mysterious thief is Old Yeller; she has seen him pilfering meat and eggs on their property. Lisbeth promises not to tell anyone what she knows, however, because her blue-ticked bitch, miss Prissy, is going to have pups, and Old Yeller is the father. Travis knows that Old Yeller will undoubtedly be shot if he is caught. He tells Mama what Lisbeth has told him, and they solve the problem by keeping the dog shut in the bedroom at night with Travis and Arliss.

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The confrontation becomes more violent than anticipated, however, when the wildly careening bulls smash into the fence and crash into the walls of the house. To save their cabin, Travis grabs a bullwhip and approaches the crazed creatures, but Mama argues that it is dangerous and that he should send the dog after them instead. Infuriatingly, when Old Yeller sees Travis carrying the whip, he tucks his tail and lights essay r the woods. Traviss opinion of Old Yeller changes after an incident in which Arliss is almost killed by a bear. Little Arliss, who has a propensity for collecting all sorts of wildlife, manages to catch hold of a small cubs leg, but its cries bring its mother resume racing to the rescue. Watching events unfold from a distance, travis knows he cannot get to Arliss before the angry mother bear. To everyones great relief, Old Yeller roars in like a mad bull and fights off the mother bear until Travis can grab Arliss and get him to safety. Having almost lost Arliss, Travis realizes acutely how much his little brother means to him, and it is only natural for him to love the dog that saved him.

old yeller book report

Arliss comes running out of the house and furiously attacks his brother with a hail of rocks for kicking business his dog. To traviss chagrin, mama sides with Arliss, asserting that if the dog is a stray, arliss should be allowed to keep him because he is lonely for a playmate. Travis has no choice but to obey, but he begins to plot how he will get rid of the troublemaking dog. The next day, mama sends Travis out to kill a deer for meat. Using skills his father taught him, Travis brings down a doe, shooting her directly through the heart. Feeling big and strong and sure of himself, Travis magnanimously resolves to put up with the yellow dog for Arlisss sake, but when he gets home, he finds both the dog and his little brother frolicking in the pool that holds the familys drinking water. When Travis reacts angrily, another rock-throwing melee ensues, and the situation ends with Mama whipping Arliss for his infraction and reprimanding Travis for being so bossy; Old Yeller gets off scott free. A few days later, Travis has another reason to hate Old Yeller. Two range bulls are ready to have a fight, and Travis, mama, and Arliss are sitting out on the fence to watch the show.

livestock for much-needed cash money. The round trip will take months; during that time, their women and children will be left in a wild frontier settlement to make out the best they can. Fourteen-year-old Travis coates will be the man of the house in his family, charged with the responsibility of keeping up the farm and taking care of his mother and five-year-old brother, Arliss. Travis feels certain that he can handle whatever needs to be done; his father has confidence in him and has promised to bring him a mans horse to ride if he conducts himself faithfully. The morning after Papa leaves, Old Yeller arrives at the farm. Travis goes out to get the familys last side of middling meat, only to find that it is gone. Nearby, curled up on the ground, is an ugly yellow dog, his belly swelled up as tight and round as a pumpkin. Irate, travis aims a kick at the animal. He misses but the dog rolls over and bellers at the top of his voice.

But one day travis makes a interesting discovery of a big yeller dog who is a dirty paperless little meat thief. Arliss and his mother take to the dog at once and Old Yeller is a member of the family. But things get tough just as Travis befriends this canine. The varmints are behaving themselves but disaster calls upon the settlers. Loyal dogs turn upon masters, bulls kill bulls, mothers abandon young but there is only one way to cure the case. To kill the creature that possesses the disease. Read on to join Travis and the settlers of Salt Licks battle through the hardest of times in Old Yeller. Want to tell the world about a book you've read?

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Old Yeller is possibly the essay saddest, yet greatest classic of all time. This tale is perfect for ages ten and up, but out of bounds for the light hearted. Many tears are shed throughout the book as fourteen year old Travis and his family face the horrible outcomes of hydrophobia. When healthy cattle and corn is bountiful the settlers of Salt Licks find that they lack one thing. Although the money is over six hundred miles away from the texas hill countryside, the settlers know it will be a journey they must make to survive the merciless nature of the valley. Whilst the men are off on the dangerous venture, women and children are left to fend for themselves. The main character in this story Travis, a fourteen year old boy who is left to take care of his mother and his little brother Arliss.

old yeller book report
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The father is away on a long cattle drive. Travis his fourteen year old. Old Yeller Summary study guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analy sis,"s, character descriptions, themes, and more.

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  1. Old Yeller by Fred Gipson - review. Many tears are shed througho ut the book as fourteen year old. Join the site and send us your review! Old Yeller book report and Lapbook - this story takes place in the wild frontier o f Texas.

  2. Old Yeller was published in 1956 and has been a children s classic ever since. set in the 1860s, the book focuses on the coates—a small ranching family. Old Yeller has 45 reviews and 31 ratings. Reviewer Turtles21 wrote: i loved this b ook i give it a five stars because i thought it was one of the best stories ive read.

  3. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Old Yeller by Fr ed Gipson. Old Yeller is a coming of age novel set in 1860s Texas that details. Enotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Old Yeller. What are five traits about Arliss, mama, and Papa in the book old Yeller by Fred Gipson?

  4. When my thirteen-year-old son told me this month that Old Yeller i s one of the best books he has ever read, i knew I had to look at that classic. Travis grows to love this dog named Old Yeller, and they become great friends. Old Yeller by Fred Gipson.

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