Summary about diary of a wimpy kid dog days

Diary of a wimpy kid Dog days Summary and Analysis

Adt, age 14 of Tampa, fl this book is one of my many favorites. I read the whole thing in roughly an hour because i found it so entertaining. So far, i only have the first two books. I do admit, though, that Greg should be a little more considerate of others, instead of just thinking "me, me, me but other than that I really enjoyed the two books and I'm looking forward into reading the other ones. Malcolm, age 12 of Haltom City, tx i love diary of the wimpy kid because they are funny and excited. Seth, age 11 Oh, this is my favorite book of all time. It's hilariously cool and i've seen the movie. Ryan, age 14 of Temple city, ca totally awesome!

Sarah, age 11 of negative makanda, il i've only read a little bit it and i don't see why everone likes it some much. I mean it was a little funny, but it was depressing and sort of sad. I know you shouldn't judge a book when you just read it little bit, but it really didn't draw. Two toes austin, age 7 i love it so much I fant when my dad working gets it Andrew, age 7 of Wells Oh, my i love it! Seriously i read do-it-your-self and the last straw I like when rodrick says "hey, greg holly hills is right across from them and I want to see rodrick rules and I play poptropica so i have done this island called wimpy wonderland and its. Sky, age 12 of Pine Knot, ky i love love love diary of a wimpy kid. It's my favorite book ever. Lee, age 12 of Nomansland, ks it is the best book i have read in a long time even though im homeschooled I can still relate 2 greg. Jeff, age 16 of Braintree, ma best book i've ever read. It tells a really funny story. Ant, age 8 of Belmar, nj i love it beacuse of rodrick and its so funny!

summary about diary of a wimpy kid dog days

Diary of a wimpy kid (2010), box Office mojo

I like very much because also it is very enterteining. Sherlyn, age 13 of Manassas Park, va i like this book because i think is interesting and fun. This book has many interesting things that children can read. Kirita, age 15 of Manassas, va i like it, because it is funny and is interesting information about school and is like for the people that have the same write problen they can learn about. So i love this book it is so funny and teach us something good to do if we live the same. Gracia, age 15 of Manassa park, va i love it, because it really fun to read, you can actually understand the words and it a bio story. Jeka of Manassas Park, va a good book with the experience of a boy seems me that dares to count a history that probably to many can happen us I feel related to the book. Angelica of Manassas Park, va i like this book because it's fun and interesting.

summary about diary of a wimpy kid dog days

Diary of a wimpy kid: Old School Summary study

Like what should I do, what should I not do on my life. Sarai, age 14 of Manassas Park, va i like it because is so funny and help writing to learn new words. Edward, age 15 of Manassas Park, va i like this because it is very funny the characters are very funny. Estrella of Manassas Park, va i like this book because it is really funny and interesting. I think this book is good for children that are in middle school. Giselle, age 16 of Manassas, va i like the book because it is so funny. And the book is very interesting. Jairo of Manassas, va i like this book because it is very interesting. Vanesithaa of Manassas Park, va i think that it is a very interesting book that does that with the words that are written your mind start to imagining what spending this one.

I even have all of the books. Kady, age 10 of Dassel, move the books! Regal, age 10 of Laplace, la it is not a good book it teaches kids to tease other kids and not care about. Rania, age 10 of New York love it because its easy to read and its very fun! Wiliqm Awesomesauce i love it because it is so life like it is a book you can relate to lydia, age 13 of Liberty, tn every book is better than the last! Pratysha, age 8 of Sunnyale i thnk diary of the wimpy kid is the best beacause its so so so awsome and by the way i love it leonel, age 16 of Manassas Park, va love it because is realy fun how they act. Arrivederci, age 14 of Manassas, va i love this book. The book are funny, it's real storys. Form the book i lean about some many things.

Diary of a wimpy kid: The last Straw, wikipedia

summary about diary of a wimpy kid dog days

Diary of a wimpy kid: The Ugly Truth, wikipedia

Jenni, age 10 of New York city, ny i love it because its so funny! Logan, age 8 of Calistoga,. I like reading journals and I like the twist in it! Alicia, age 9 of Chesapeake, va funny but sometimes inappropriate for little kids. Deborah, age 10 of Las Vegas, nv i love the book it is so cool and funny. Sissi, age 9 of Los Angeles,.

I love the books so much I make my own books in my school! Ps: big fans of the books. Zoom Fan, it is a funny book but some pats of it might be innappropite for little kids. Lydia, age 10 of Manchester i love diary of a wimpy books there great in school we share them. I love diary of a wimpy books because greg is so funny. Franchezca, age 8 of Vallejo, ca love it because its awsome.

This is my favorite book of all time. It's funny and cool! I'd give it five stars in a heartbeat. Bob, age 16 of miami,. The first was good the second better, the third was ok but not as good, four was aweful, and I pretend five doesn't exist. It doesn't teach anything.

Some of the words are made up or misspelled, which is a cool new technique, as if it's an actual journal, but then kids get confused. A lot of times it teaches you society is messed up, and your parents are not smart, your family just messes your life up, and being wimpy is cool. In a way, it teaches that girls are like material toys. In fact, there are absolutely no valuable lessons. It doesn't teach to care for other people, and I'm cool with making Greg a wimp, but sometimes it goes beyond wimp. Can't they even make him learn his lesson? All in all, i can live my life without reading any of the books. Joseph, age 10 of Billings, mt i like it becuase of all the funny parts. Cheyenne, age 7 of San Antonio, tx i love diary of a wimpy kid.

Diary of a wimpy kid : The long haul (2017)

(The rest of them are 4 toes.) book 2: Funny and exiting. Book 3: I'd use paperless to rate it 5t, but I still think of it as very funny. Book 4: Still fun to read for the same reasons. B5: Some part are worth rereading. Hazel, age 10 of Bowling Green,. I love this book it is my favorite. Jeff is the best author. He is so funny. Abby, age 11 of Nashville,.

summary about diary of a wimpy kid dog days

age 9 of Raleigh,. My average is 4 toes. I will now become a critic of the series: book 1: 3 toes. Funny, but i've read better.

Ruben, age 10 of resume ny, this book is very good. Anisha, age 10 of Irvine,. I just love it! Its sooo funny i read all of them I cant wait to read I new one! Anna, age 12 of Holland,. I love diary of a wimpy kid because its funny cute! Minnie, age 11, funny, cool, and amazing. Will be the perfect series of books for you!

Diary of a wimpy kid: The Ugly Truth Summary

Dalia, age 11 of London, i think the first diary of a report wimpy kid was awsome, fantastic descriptions and most importantly, funny, the second one was proadly just as good, i have'nt read book number three yet, the foruth was pretty good and the fith. Zara, age 7 of London, diary of a wimpy kid makes me laugh. Madison, age 7 of Gurnee,. I love diary of a wimpy kid. I like the first one. Lexie, age 15 of West Bloomfield,. It's really funny and clever. Caleb, the book is great! I really think Greg is sad but cool.

summary about diary of a wimpy kid dog days
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  1. Diary of a wimpy kid 8 -. Held me in the story for about 2 months. Diary of a wimpy kid, summary : This innovative interactive journal based on Greg Heffley s own diary lets kids express themselves in an exciting new way.

  2. The hand you didn t Know. Diary of a, wimpy, kid by jeff Kinney has 23,455 votes. Tell us what you think about, diary of a, wimpy, kid. Diary of a wimpy kid.

  3. This book is about, greg and his many misadventures. How much do you know. Diary of a, wimpy, kid?

  4. Diary of a, wimpy, kid (2010) Most kids are wimpy in their secret hearts.pounce. diary is especially funny about a slice of, swiss cheese that was dropped. Greg Heffley, diary of a, wimpy, kid, funny and popular book ever Add a, summary.

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