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Bug Fixes BZ# 952612 When pnfs (parallel nfs) code was in use, a file locking process could enter a deadlock while trying to recover form a server reboot. This update introduces a new locking mechanism that avoids the deadlock situation in this scenario. BZ# 955503 The be2iscsi driver previously leaked memory in the driver's control path when mapping is update fixes the memory leak by freeing all resources related to a task when the task was completed. Also, the driver did not release a task after responding to the received nop-in acknowledgment with a valid Target Transfer Tag (TTT). Consequently, the driver run out of tasks available for the session and no more iscsi commands could be issued. A patch has been applied to fix this problem by releasing the task.

If that memory region is deregistered from kvm using kvm_SET_user_memory_region and the allocated virtual memory reused, a privileged guest user could potentially use this flaw to escalate their privileges on the host. Cve, important A flaw was found in the way kvm emulated ioapic (I/O Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller). A missing validation check in the ioapic_read_indirect function could allow a privileged guest user to crash the host, or read a substantial portion of host kernel memory. Cve, moderate It was found that the default scsi command filter does not accommodate commands that overlap across device classes. A privileged guest user could potentially use this flaw to write arbitrary data to a lun that is passed-through as read-only. Cve, low a use-after-free flaw was found in the tmpfs wow implementation. A local user able to mount and unmount a tmpfs file system could use this flaw to cause a denial of service or, potentially, escalate their privileges. Cve, low A format string flaw was found in the ext3_msg function in the linux kernel's ext3 file system implementation. A local user who is able to mount an ext3 file system could use this flaw to cause a denial of service or, potentially, escalate their privileges. Red Hat would like to thank Andrew Honig of google for reporting the cve, cve, and cve issues. The cve issue was discovered by paolo bonzini of Red Hat.

sas administrator resume

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Users should upgrade to these updated packages, which contain backported patches to correct these bugs. Updated kernel packages that fix several security issues and bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise linux 6 Extended Update support. Security fixes, cve, important A hippie flaw was found in the way the vhost kernel module handled descriptors that spanned multiple regions. A privileged guest user in a kvm (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) guest could use this flaw to crash the host or, potentially, escalate their privileges on the host. Cve, important A buffer overflow flaw was found in the way utf-8 characters were converted to utf-16 in the utf8s_to_utf16s function of the linux kernel's fat file system implementation. A local user able to mount a fat file system with the "utf81" option could use this flaw to crash the system or, potentially, to escalate their privileges. Cve, important A flaw was found in the way kvm handled guest time updates when the buffer the guest registered by writing to the msr_KVM_system_time machine state register (MSR) crossed a page boundary. A privileged guest user could use this flaw to crash the host or, potentially, escalate their privileges, allowing them to execute arbitrary code at the host kernel level. Cve, important A potential use-after-free flaw was found in the way kvm handled guest time updates when the gpa (guest physical address) the guest registered by writing to the msr_KVM_system_time machine state register (MSR) fell into a movable or removable memory region of the hosting.

sas administrator resume

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When triggered, the daemon attempted to balance the system load. However at that time, the load balancing had already been performed by the sched_softirq software interrupt so the ksoftirqd daemon attempted to balance the already-balanced system, which led to excessive consumption of cpu time. The problem has been resolved by adding irq_enter and irq_exit function calls to schedule ipi handlers, which assures that context of softirq_ipi is correctly marked as a hardware interrupt and the ksoftirqd daemon is no longer triggered when the sched_softirq interrupt has been raised. BZ#977667, a race condition between the read_swap_cache_async and get_swap_page functions in the memory management (mm) code could lead to a deadlock situation. The deadlock could occur only on systems that deployed swap partitions on devices supporting block discard and trim operations if kernel preemption was disabled (the! If the read_swap_cache_async function was given a swap_HAS_cache entry that did not have a page in the swap cache yet, a discard operation was performed in the scan_swap_map function. Consequently, completion of an I/O operation was scheduled on the same cpu's working queue the read_swap_cache_async was running. This caused the thread in read_swap_cache_async to loop indefinitely around its "-eexist" case, rendering the system unresponsive. The problem has been fixed by adding an explicit cond_resched call to read_swap_cache_async which allows other tasks to run on the affected cpu, and thus avoiding the deadlock.

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sas administrator resume

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Additionally, a free memory accounting race that could prevent kvm mmu from freeing memory pages has been fixed. BZ#972599, when the Active item List (AIL) becomes empty, the xfsaild daemon is moved to a task sleep state that depends on the timeout value returned by the xfsaild_push function. The latest changes modified xfsaild_push to return a 10-ms value when the ail is empty, which sets xfsaild into the uninterruptible sleep state (D state) and artificially increased system load average. This update applies a patch that fixes this problem by setting the timeout value to the allowed maximum,. This moves xfsaild to the interruptible sleep state (S state avoiding the impact on load average.

BZ#975577, holiday a previously-applied patch introduced a bug in the ipoib_cm_destroy_tx function, which allowed a cm object to be moved between lists without any supported locking. Under a heavy system load, this could cause the system to crash. With this update, proper locking of the cm objects has been re-introduced to fix the race condition, and the system no longer crashes under a heavy load. BZ#976695 * The schedule_ipi function is called in the hardware interrupt context and it raises the sched_softirq software interrupts to perform system load balancing. Software interrupts in Linux are either performed on return from a hardware interrupt or are handled by the ksoftirqd daemon if the interrupts cannot be processed normally. Previously, the context of the schedule_ipi function was not marked as a hardware interrupt so while performing schedule_ipi the ksoftirqd daemon could have been triggered.

H" dependency now applies to all objects from the "selinux-y" list. The parallel compilation of the kernel now succeeds as expected. All kernel users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which contain backported patches to correct these issues. The system must be rebooted for this update to take effect. Updated kernel packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise linux 6 Extended Update support. When adding a virtual pci device, such as virtio disk, virtio net, e1000 or rtl8139, to a kvm guest, the kacpid thread reprograms the hot plug parameters of all devices on the pci bus to which the new device is being added.

When reprogramming the hot plug parameters of a vga or qxl graphics device, the graphics device emulation requests flushing of the guest's shadow page tables. Previously, if the guest had a huge and complex set of shadow page tables, the flushing operation took a significant amount of time and the guest could appear to be unresponsive for several minutes. This resulted in exceeding the threshold of the "soft lockup" watchdog and the "BUG: soft lockup" events were logged by both, the guest and host kernel. This update applies a series of patches that deal with this problem. The kvm's Memory management Unit (MMU) now avoids creating multiple page table roots in connection with processors that support Extended Page tables (EPT). This prevents the guest's shadow page tables from becoming too complex on machines with ept support. Mmu now also flushes only large memory mappings, which alleviates the situation on machines where the processor does not support ept.

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To resolve this problem, d_splice_alias has been modified so report that in the problematic cases, it reuses an existing dentry instead of creating a new dentry. BZ#1029423, the kernel's thread helper previously used larvals of the request threads without holding a reference count. This could result in a null pointer dereference and subsequent kernel panic if the helper thread completed after the larval had been destroyed upon the request thread exiting. With this update, the helper thread holds a reference count on the request threads larvals so that a null pointer dereference is pdf now avoided. BZ#1029901, due to a bug in the selinux makefile, a kernel compilation could fail when the "-j" option was specified to perform the compilation with multiple parallel jobs. This happened because selinux expected the existence of an automatically generated file, "flask. H prior to the compiling of some dependent files. The makefile has been corrected and the "flask.

sas administrator resume

Power-limit notification messages are also no longer displayed on the console. The affected platforms no longer suffer from degraded dream system performance due to this problem. BZ#1023349, previously, when the user added an ipv6 route for local delivery, the route did not work and packets could not be sent. A patch has been applied to limit the neighbor entry creation only for input flow, thus fixing this bug. As a result, ipv6 routes for local delivery now work as expected. BZ#1028592, a bug in the kernel's file system code allowed the d_splice_alias function to create a new dentry for a directory with an already-existing non-disconnected dentry. As a consequence, a thread accessing the directory could attempt to take the i_mutex on that directory twice, resulting in a deadlock situation.

was already used. A subsequent connection attempt failed in such a case with the eaddrnotavail error code. This update applies a patch that modifies the port auto-selection code so that bind(2) now selects a non-conflict port even with the so_reuseaddr option enabled. BZ#1017903, when the audit subsystem was under heavy load, it could loop infinitely in the audit_log_start function instead of failing over to the error recovery code. This could cause soft lockups in the kernel. With this update, the timeout condition in the audit_log_start function has been modified to properly fail over when necessary. Previously, power-limit notification interrupts were enabled by default on the system. This could lead to degradation of system performance or even render the system unusable on certain platforms, such as Dell PowerEdge servers. A patch has been applied to disable power-limit notification interrupts by default and a new kernel command line parameter "int_pln_enable" has been added to allow users observing these events using the existing system counters.

A format string flaw was found in the linux kernel's block layer. A privileged, local user could potentially use this flaw to escalate their privileges to kernel level (ring0). Red Hat would like to thank Theodore Ts'o for reporting cve, fujitsu twist for reporting cve, and kees cook for reporting cve. Upstream acknowledges Dmitry monakhov as the original reporter of cve. Bug Fixes, bZ#1016105, the crypto_larval_lookup function could return a larval, an in-between state when a cryptographic algorithm is being registered, even if it did not create one. This could cause a larval to be terminated twice, and result in a kernel panic. This occurred for example when the nfs service was running in fips mode, and attempted to use the md5 hashing algorithm even though fips mode has this algorithm blacklisted. A condition has been added to the crypto_larval_lookup function to check whether a larval was created before returning.

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Updated kernel packages that fix three security issues and several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise linux.3 Extended Update support. The red Hat Security response team has rated this update as having important security impact. Common Vulnerability Scoring System (cvss) base scores, which give detailed severity ratings, are available for each vulnerability from the way cve links associated with each description below. The kernel packages contain the linux kernel, the core of any linux operating system. Security fixes, cve, important, a race condition was found in the way asynchronous I/O and fallocate interacted when using the ext4 file system. A local, unprivileged user could use this flaw to expose random data from an extent whose data blocks have not yet been written, and thus contain data from a deleted file. Cve, moderate, an information leak flaw was found in the way the linux kernel's device mapper subsystem, under certain conditions, interpreted data written to snapshot block devices. An attacker could use this flaw to read data from disk blocks in free space, which are normally inaccessible.

sas administrator resume
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