Pay to fix my resume

Pay someone to fix my resume

I believe i was pretty successful since when I left consulting I was in the top 4 of the highest paid consultants in America. I did the consulting until 1995. Training learning.: During college and for the first two years after I worked as a troubleshooter for a small computer store. When the customers of the store started threatening lawsuits I was called in to smooth things out and figure out how much we would have to give the customer in order to avoid lawsuits. In some instances I would either fix or write software to help solve their problems but it was just as likely that we would sell them a different kind of hard disk or donate some training. I learned a lot about how to deal with upset people during this phase.

Consulting Hired Expert: During the latter half of 1989 I was able to parlay my significant Object Oriented experience in to a career meat consulting for large corporate clients. I had become an expert in Object Pascal, c, smalltalk during the time i was self employed I had also been following the early ooa, ood work and had as good of a working knowledge of that as anybody in the business at that time. I specialized in two types of clients. A) Those that where just starting in to Object Oriented client server projects. B) Those that where a year or more in and had hit problems that had put their projects in jeopardy and needed a guru to bail them out or help them kill will as little pain as possible. I worked on behalf of many top companies during this time including Northern Telecom, Sprint, ncs, anderson, dec, systems house and. I learned a lot about getting along from inside of a company during this period and I learned a lot about those political aspects of software that I had avoided up until that point in my career. I was happy as a consultant and I made a lot of money. I was able to take 3 months a year off and could generally get my clients to pay to fly me home to see my kids every other weekend. The only problem with consulting is that I didn't get to have has much influence over the complete life cycle of the product as I would like lab and you never get the credit for what you have built.

pay to fix my resume

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Personally i find it satisfying that when I left my last team behind within 6 months all of thank the managers I liked and respected and most of the good technical people had at their initiation ended up working for me again. One of these i have rehabilitated from a dead end position who was ready to leave hp into a manager who is now respected throughout. I am. On a 5 year plan of which i am just finishing the 3rd. We are in the process of creating the e-services business and i expect to be able to jump out in to. P or cto of a smaller company with mega-stock options within 2 years. This is dependent on being successful in creating the new niche continuing to own a fraction of that niche. You never know but I may even rise high enough in hp that I don't have to go to the outside in order to get sufficient financial rewards.

pay to fix my resume

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Received a promotion to a first level section manager in 1 year. Received a promotion to second level section manager in one more year and i am sitting pretty good for another promotion if we are successful over the next six months. In addition to that i introduced the web and e-business to cso. Delivered our (SSO) Single sign On technology which has grown corporate wide and now i own 1/2 of the e-speak e-services technical development team. In 1999 hp invested many millions in marketing the e-services so i figure my work is important to the company. Oh and in my spare time i wrote a hp linux business plan of which parts are now being executed by bcc. I also conceived, introduced and kicked off the hp - o'reilly partnership for open source development "Open source Exchange" although i originally named it "Open Awards".

I decided to stay. You could say i went to a hewlett Packard to learn to compromise. I have learned the value of compromise as a negotiation technique and I think i have gotten pretty good. I will not compromise my personal ethics or my goals although I have found that as I have risen through hp that my goals have shifted from a small business / consulting world view to being 2 in a mid sized business. I have a reasonable promotion record in hp, which means they must like. I started 4 years ago as a consultant ended up managing a team of engineers as a consultant for a year with stellar success, i did this for about.5 years. I hired on as a manager, when my 2 year consulting limit was approaching.

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pay to fix my resume

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Common Mistakes in Client Communication: How to not Frustrate your Client (Publication) This article will help you identify and address various communication issues that can plague off-site professionals. Whether youre a full-stack developer, a ui designer, or a content creator, these easy to memorize tips will help you hone your communication skills. Skills Languages Swift, sql, c javascript tools Crashlytics, Xcode, brackets, git, subversion (SVN) Platforms ios, mac, firebase libraries/APIs Facebook api, firebase ios sdk, node. Js Paradigms Scrum Storage postgresql, mysql other apis, full-stack Education I really like this profile Share it with others. Career Phases, joseph Ellsworth, my career has had 4 distinct phases. Each of these has contributed to my ability to do my current job. They are listed most current first.

My time at Hewlett Packard.: I came to hp as a consultant working out of their Chelmsford office. I was brought in as a smalltalk guru but before i started they had made a decision to drop Smalltalk in favor of Visual Basic (big mistake). They asked me to stay around and due to some work i did over Thanksgiving weekend they where able to make a critical demonstration deliverable for Watson (a client server configuration tool). After that they sent me to california to manage a team of technically bright but difficult to manager engineers and build a middleware server to hook up with sap. I was successful during this project and the result has subsequently been deployed world wide through out. At the end of the.5 years of consulting for. They gave me an ultimatum I could stay and continue to manage my team or I would have to -leave or take an individual contributor's essay role.

Len mt8 Pet Friendly is an ios app which allows pet lovers to find and share pet-friendly places. The whole app was ideated and developed by me, including the back-end. It is based on Apple maps and hosted on Heroku. EasyLista App (development) EasyLista is an ios app to help users make and maintain shopping lists. Its data is stored locally on the device and it was fully developed.

Kenobi (development) Kenobi is an internal system that manages the deployment of a client's engineering project documents. I was part of the development team on both the front- and back-end. Sinops (development) sinops is an internal web system that helps the company's revenue rise by identifying opportunities in selling new machines or providing maintenance services to the older ones. The system integrates with several other tools reading online data from machines sent via satellite as well as oil sample data, analyzes them, and identifies possible failures based on other machines' history. My part in this project was as a coordinator of the software requirements team. Production Management System (SGP) (development) sgp is an internal web system that manages the whole production of entertainment shows of the major tv broadcaster in Brazil. It helps plan the show, stores its scripts, makes it possible to create recording schedules, and assists on post-production, among other features. My part in this project was to define its requirements and validate the final product.

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The app was built in Swift using the viper architecture, uses a firebase back-end, and integrates with Facebook, twitter and Kite. Km de vantagens (development) Km de vantagens is an app for one of the major Brazilian gas distributor's rewards program. The main feature of the app allows users to trade points for products or services generating vouchers or using credit card to pay for the selected items. I was part of the team that maintained the app, after it was already developed, to fix a few bugs and develop new features. Paizinho, virgula (development) "paizinho, virgula" is an ios app. I developed this resume app for a brazilian digital influencer add that makes all of his content available (blog posts, videos, and podcasts shares them on social media, and sends push notifications when something new is available. Pet Friendly App (development) m/br/app/pet-friendly/id?

pay to fix my resume

Technologies: c sql server, postgresql, svn. Intern, cern, the european Organization for Nuclear Research. Developed particle validation tools to be used in a detectors trigger writing system. Simulated the developed software using cern's internal tools. Presented the developed work to the project collaborators. Technologies: Python, c experience Bringin' Up Baby (development) m/us/app/bringin-up-baby/id? Mt8 Bringin' Up Baby is an ios app that allows people to register their beloved children's memories. Among its features are creating memories, uploading pictures, importing posts from Facebook as memories, and sending memories to kite so they can be printed (as pictures, mugs, photo albums, and many more options).

software for the greatest tv network in Brazil. Worked as a gas distributor on software—the main goal was to control and identify the locations of its cylinders. Elaborated the software requirements. Technologies: Enterprise Architect, bizagi, junior Engineer. Chemtech, developed a system to assist the company's engineering projects—controlling the document release to clients. Built a system to manage the company's data (project and employee related). Coordinated a team to start using the agile methodology Scrum.

Improved the user experience by changing the way information was needed displayed and registered. Imported a user's Facebook relevant posts to the app as memories. Integrated an app with Kite so that user could print memories in many different ways. Technologies: Swift, firebase, fastlane, git, facebook, kite. Software requirements coordinator, radix, planned the system to optimize the client's selling and maintenance processes. Handled the system integration to several other platforms such as sap and other client systems. Sized the team, planned the activities, trained team members, and followed up the whole process of elicitation and elaboration of requirements. Ensured that the system met the client's goal.

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Scroll to view More, employment ios developer 2016 - present, freelance work. Built and published in the App Store a collaborative ios app to help people find and share pet-friendly places. Developed both the front-end (based on Apple maps_ and back-end (hosted paperless on Heroku). Created and published in the App Store an ios app to help users make shopping lists. Used local storage with Core data. Js, postgresql, heroku, crashlytics. Ios developer, bringin' up Baby (via toptal developed features for an existing ios app which goal is to register child's memories.

pay to fix my resume
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And when I have to pay my money learning formulas is a regarding your. workplace to pay with your family, going, going back to classroom, or at all, your job cover letter will provide you with.

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  1. value to a company, that I could be someone important, that I could pay my bills, but that opportunity seemed like it would never come. My a naši partneři působíme globálně a používáme soubory cookie pro analýzu, přizpůsobení prostředí uživatelům. A few people did not pay close attention and switched the source and destination files and resulted in overwriting the original.

  2. applied for my posted job opportunity and received the application and cover letter, but no resume, and no ability to see my profile. Mine loves me, and is always helping me fix little things around my apartment since i'm a first time apartment-renter. the app allows users to trade points for products or services generating vouchers or using credit card to pay for the selected items.

  3. Hledejte nabídky práce v kategorii it resume nebo zaměstnávejte na největší burze freelancingu na světě s více než 13 miliony nabídek. I want a property owner to pay a one-time yearly fee (Let's say 100 usd) and all bookings are done through the property owner. another pair of eyes to look at my resume and see what's missing or what needs to be polished and I'm willing to pay nice for that. Free, resume, writing Www Format Downloadable templates Word Personal Template sample Of Professional Dynamics Ax Online review Printable.

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