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We felt unmoored, being away from our other children and so tied to this brand new, unknown, completely beloved little newborn son. Lena, gil, forest, and my parents-in-law came to meet our baby after church on Sunday. He was almost 24 hours old then, and thankfully doing pretty well. The children were all able to hold him, and we were so grateful to see them all together, but also emotional with the unknowns and lack of sleep. Lena and Marmee, elliotts mom, meeting Amos for the first time. We also finally decided on a name that afternoon. We had gone around and around with a few final options. Naming children is so hard!

And thus began our hazy, harried two days of postpartum and nicu life. I spent almost all my time at our babys bedside, and Elliott was with me almost every minute, too. We took turns holding him, and I nursed him whenever he seemed hungry. Every few hours I would slip back upstairs to clean up — since i was still bleeding a great deal after having delivered a baby only hours before — and shovel food into my mouth from whatever meal tray was waiting for me. Elliott would hold our baby while i was gone, and almost always I was away only for 15-20 minutes before he was texting me to come back and nurse. Whenever I was on the postpartum unit to eat, the nurses and techs would hurry after me into my room to offer me pain medication (thankfully i really wasnt in any pain take my blood pressure and temperature, and make sure i was feeling. Then I would be gone again for hours. Elliott in our postpartum room, where we slept for two nights. Our hours at our babys bedside were slow and uncertain. I never knew you could spend so much time staring at a tiny baby, gazing deeply into his face, both of you locked in on him, praying endlessly for and about so many things, wondering what was going on inside him, what tomorrow would hold.

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The nurses talked about pumping to increase production, but I wanted to just try to nurse as much as I could and go from there. I had no idea what I would do if our baby had to stay longer in the hospital than I did but I would cross that bridge when I came. Eventually, around midnight, our nurse encouraged/sent Elliott and me up to our postpartum room to sleep for a few hours. Our baby was calm and fed. The nurse agreed to text me from her hospital phone as soon as our baby woke up hungry. Sure enough, at 4am she needed texted, and I slipped on shoes and hurried through the hospital in the middle of the night in my gown and robe to nurse my little one. I was able to lay him down after that, slipped upstairs to sleep again, and then returned again at 6am.

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I cannot imagine how parents go through agressive medical treatment with their children on a regular basis! Elliott was upset because he wasnt convinced that any of the treatment was necessary, and, even days later, i am still not sure if it was. The medical team decided to stop the cpap early because our baby was just not tolerating it, and holding him in my arms and nursing him and seeing his peace and comfort after that was one of the sweetest reliefs ive ever known. The medical team also started antibiotics at that point, which they hoped would clear out any infection in his lungs due to the fluid they had seen on a chest x-ray. Fathers day in the nicu not anyones first choice! Elliott and I stayed for another couple of hours, with me nursing as much as I could. Our fear was that being away from our baby (me on the postpartum unit on the 8th floor, him in the nicu on the 7th trunk floor) would mean my milk would not come in like it should.

He was calm on the way over and as they hooked him. Elliott found me there, both of us feeling bewildered and like we had lost a lot of control as parents. The nurses said they would be putting in an iv now and starting cpap (continuous positive airway pressure, a form of breathing treatment to open up his lungs and did we want to take a little break to eat our dinner? I couldnt nurse him or do anything to help, and our baby seemed calm and at peace. We left, feeling helpless. Amos in the nicu, when we returned after our celebratory meal, we found our baby screaming in his nicu bed with 4 holes in his arms and feet from failed iv sticks and also two little plastic tubes stuck into his nostrils blasting air into. I started crying just looking at himIm about to cry again just thinking about.

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Elliott had gotten my dinner order and left to pick up a celebratory meal of sushi and sparkling wine. The night nurse took over, and around 8:30 while Elliott was gone she came in to check on our story baby. She spent a while watching his oxygen saturation and his respirations, which unfortunately had picked back up to 90 breaths/minute. To my dismay, she then called the nicu team to come observe him again. The nicu team came in, and the nicu fellow saw our baby for the first time then.

Crushingly, she made the call that he should be transferred to the nicu. She felt like he needed extra breathing treatment and antibiotics, as well as closer observation by the medical team. The tentative diagnosis at this point was ttn — transient tachypnea of the newborn — and she wanted to address his slightly labored, rapid breathing and find its underlying cause. I texted Elliott to give him the update, knowing there was nothing I could really do (with a clean conscience, anyway but panicking slightly because i knew things were slipping out of the range of normal and we were headed for a whole new world. I took this photo as I followed our baby to the nicu with the two nicu nurses.

He was awarded the commission for the decoration of the contarelli Chapel in the Church of San luigi dei francesi in 1597. It was an important and daunting assignment, charging the 26-year-old painter with the task of creating three large paintings depicting separate scenes from. After this he never lacked commissions or patrons, but he became increasingly unstable. He was jailed on several occasions, vandalised his own apartment, and ultimately had a death warrant issued for him by the pope. A prolific painter, caravaggio was known to work quickly, often starting and completing a painting in just two weeks. By the time he had come under the influence of del Monte, caravaggio already had 40 works to his name, including 'boy with a basket of Fruit 'the young Bacchus' and 'The music Party'.

His fiery masterpieces, 'the death of the virgin' and 'david with the head of Goliath inspired a generation of artists. Caravaggio's violence finally erupted with force in 1606, when he killed a well-known Roman pimp named Ranuccio tomassoni. He was thought to have painted the magdalen in 1606, shortly after fleeing Rome following his conviction for murder. It was during his return to the city in search of a papal pardon, carrying with him the painting, that he was believed to have become ill with fever, and died in Tuscany in 1610. At, first photo as a family of six! All right, the story continues! When I left off, elliott, our new baby, and I had just moved to the postpartum unit around 7pm, and our baby was doing pretty well.

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Michelangelo merisi de caravaggio is essay believed to have had his Mary magdalene in Ecstasy with him in the tuscan town of Porto Ercole where he died in 1610. The painting is thought to have been subsequently transported to naples, where a flemish artist, louis Finson, made a copy of it which is now in the French city of Marseille. Michelangelo merisi de caravaggio: a father of modern painting. The martyrdom of St Matthew, by michelangelo merisi known as Caravaggio, thought to have been painted around 1599. Italian artist Caravaggio writing was born Michelangelo merisi in Milan around 1571. He was orphaned at the age 11 and trained as a painter under Simone peterzano who had been taught by titian. In his twenties Caravaggio moved to rome and his work became popular for the tenebrism technique he used, which used shadow to emphasise lighter areas.

master plumber room assignment

But for now all I can say is that it's in Europe.'. John Gash, a senior lecturer on art history at the University of Aberdeen, about who is also an expert on the Italian painter, suggested exercising extreme caution. Caravaggio's violence finally erupted with force in 1606, when he killed a well-known Roman pimp named Ranuccio tomassoni, pictured is one segment from artist's seven Works of Mercy. Michelangelo merisi de caravaggio is believed to have had his Mary magdalene in Ecstasy with him when he died in 1610, pictured is another segment from his seven Works of Mercy 'there are many versions of a presumed lost original of this subject by caravaggio. 'This might be it, but without seeing the original painting, i would suggest extreme caution.'. The painting refers to the legend in which Mary of Magdala moved to southern France, where she lived as a hermit in a cave at sainte-baume near Aix-en-Provence. There she was transported seven times a day by angels into the presence of God, 'where she heard, with her bodily ears, the delightful harmonies of the celestial choirs'.

After all, if it is sitting in a bank somewhere, no one gets to enjoy.'. She called the find a 'marvellous addition' to the art world and said gazing upon the original was a career highlight. David with head of Goliath, 1607, is one of Caravaggio's best-known paintings and exemplifies his fiery style. The existence of a version known as the 'klein Magdalena' in Rome, which some experts have described as authentic, is likely to spark further controversy. Ms Gregori told The Independent she was pressing the owners of the version she authenticated to make it available for some sort of public display. 'even by caravaggio's standards this is a beautiful and revolutionary painting she said. 'The ultimate goal is that everyone should have the opportunity to see.

They laid it down on the floor, i hazlitt got down on my knees, and when I saw her hands, i said, 'yes, that's. The emeritus professor at the University of Florence said key characteristics of the painting left no doubts in her mind regarding its provenance. 'The creation of a body with varying tones, the intensity of the face. The strong wrists, crossed fingers and beautiful hair. The wonderful variations in light and colour - all show that it is Caravaggio she said. Caravaggio (left portrait by Ottavio leoni, was a prolific painter and his early work included 'boy with a basket of Fruit' (right 'the young Bacchus' and 'The music Party'. Caravaggio scholar, mina Gregori, said she was certain she had found the original after studying the variations in light and colour seen in his other works, such as St Jerome (pictured). Other important clues were the vatican customs stamp on the canvas that was only used in the 17th century and the note which said: 'the reclined Magdalene of Caravaggio'.

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Jenna gander (Jenna lynn Gander / Jennifer Gander / BrandyNOdie / BrandySamNAbby26 / GrumpybearNBedtimebear / kaosNBonesBich / kevhowiekaosRulz / KirstenTimberlakenjoeyfatone / ShhjcizSleeping / Sneezyndoc). A long-lost Caravaggio masterpiece that the renaissance master had with him when he died has been discovered in a private collection, a leading expert on the artist has claimed. Mary magdalen in Ecstasy has been copied at least eight times since its completion in 1606, shortly after the baroque master escaped from Rome following his conviction for murder. But Caravaggio scholar, mina Gregori, said she was certain she had found the original after studying the variations in light and dubai colour on Mary's hands and face. Caravaggio's 1606 masterpiece, mary magdalen in Ecstasy, is believed to have been discovered in a private collection in Europe, an expert has claimed. The discovery of a handwritten note attached to the back of the painting, attributing it to caravaggio, was further proof. She told, the telegraph : 'It's magnificent. I knew it right away as soon as I saw it 'i had an immediate, instinctive reaction.

master plumber room assignment
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