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An rt that is busy should set the "Busy" bit in its Status Word responses on the bus. C can bus can (Controller Area network) Bus is a vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer. Can is a message-based protocol, developed by bosch GmbH in 1983. It uses a differential two wire interface running over shielded twisted pair cable, at a maximum speed of 1Mbps. Characteristic Impedance (Z0) The value of impedance which, if it terminates a transmission line, results in no reflection along the line. Z0 is usually specified at a certain frequency (1.B). Zo is approximately equal to the square root of L/C, where l inductance and c capacitance per unit length of cable.

As a minimum, it refers to the good digtial decode and encode logic that expands to the complete analog-to-digital interface between the data bus and the internal remote terminal electronics or the subsystem for embedded terminals. Bus Monitor The bus Monitor (BM) is the terminal assigned the task of receiving bus traffic and extracting selected information to be used at a later time. The monitor does not transmit status words or anything else on the bus. It may not have a terminal address, but can receive information addressed to any (or all) of the terminals on the bus. A bus Monitor may have an assigned terminal address, allowing it to act like an rt for commands to that address. Two common applications Bus Monitors are used are:. Instrumentation—for recording bus traffic from many or all terminals for off-line analysis,. Backup bc—to provide a terminal with enought information to become the bc on the bus if commanded to do so, either with a dynamic Bus Control Mode command, or some other method. Bus Repeater a bus Repeater is a device which, when inserted in a bus, boosts the weak inout signal back up to its specified levels on the output—enabling longer cable lengths than are normally used. Bus Switch a bus Switch allows for switched connections between multiple buses. Busy bit An rt that is functional, but cannot transfer data to or from the subsystem on command from the bus Controller is busy.

labview assignments

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Bus coupler Bus couplers provide electrical isolation ont he 1553 bus. The circuit is used to couple signals between the main bus cable and transformer coupled stub cables. A single stub bus coupler contains two isolation resustors (one per wire an isolation transformer, and a sheilded enclosure. The purpose of the bus coupler is to prevent a short on a single stub from shorting the main data advantages bus. Bus couplers are avialable with different options, such as multiple stub connections and internal terminations. Bus Interface Unit (BIU) Function This term is generally interchangeably with "terminal as defined in 1553B: "The electronic module necessary to interface the data bus with the subsystem and the subsystem with the data bus. Terminals may exist as separate line replaceable units (LRUs) or be contained within the elements of the subsystem. Bus Interface Unit (BIU) Hardware This term describes a particular set of hardware that performs the interface between the data bus and the internal portion of an embedded or standalone remote terminal.

labview assignments

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Broadcast Command Received Bit This bit is set by an rt that implements Broadcast Commands any time that a valid Broadcast Command has been received. Since there is no response to a broadcast Command, the setting of this bit allows the bus Controller to subsequently paperless check taht teh command was received properly by issuing a "Transmit Status" or "Transmit Last Command" Mode command. Built-In-Test (BIT) The capability of a line-replaceable unit (LRU)to perform some form of self-test. Bus A subsytem that transfers data between components. Refering to the 1553 data bus, it is the part of the network, which is terminated in its characteristics impedance, and to which stubs are attached. Bus Controller The bus Controller (BC) is the terminal responsible for directing the flow of information on a mil-std-1553 bus. There is onlt one bc on a 1553B bus at any given time, although other terminals on teh bus may also have the capability to operate as. The bc is the only terminal allowed to issue commands onto the bus, and no other terminal can transmit anything unless instructed by the. Commands issued by the bc include commands for the transfer of data, or for the control and management of the bus.

Avionics avionics comprise of electronic systems for use on aircraft, artificial satellites and spacecraft, comprising communications, navigation and the display and management of multiple systems. It also includes the hundreds of systems that are fitted to aircraft to meet individual roles avionics Hot Bench A network containing active and passive elements. B bit Contraction of binary digit, a bit is the basic unit of information in computing and telecommunications. The bit may be either zero or one. In information theory, a bindary digit is equal to one binary decision or the designation of one of two possible values or states of anything used to store or convey information. The symbol for bit, as a unit of information, is either simply "bit" (recommended by the iso/iec standard (2008) or lowercase "b" (recommended by the ieee 1541 Standard (2002). Bit Rate The number of bits transmitted per unit of time, usually per second. Black the designation applied to all wirelines, components, equipment, and systems which handle only encrypted or unclassified signals, and areas in which no uncrypted or classified signals occur. Broadcast Operation of a data bus system such that information transmitted by the bus controller using a unique broadcast address is addressed to all of the terminals connected to the data bus.

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labview assignments

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The bus uses 2-wires, is know simplex, manchester encoded and runs at a one-megabit data rate. It was originally based upon a simple derivative of mil-std-1553 technology. The data words are 1600 bits long which is composed of one, 64-bit status word and 512, 3-bit data words. Arinc 717 arinc 717 specification describes the protocol for communication between the digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit (dfdau) and the digital Flight Data recorder (dfdr). The Flight Data recorder sends a continuous data stream of Harvard bi-phase encoded 12 bit words which is encoded in frames. The frames are broken into four sub-frames, which contain a one-second sequesnce of 12-bit words.

Each subframe is marked by a unqiue sync word that is used by the receiver to synchronize with the incoming data. Arinc 717 also provides an favorite alternate output data stream that is identical to the primary harvard bi-phase encoded stream, except that it is encoded in bprx format (the same as arinc 429). Arinc 717 data is organized by words, sub-frames, frames, and in some cases super-frames. Asynchronous Operation An electrical element capable of modifying an input voltage in such a way as to achieve rectification, amplification, or switching action,. Discrete devices such as diodes or transistors; or integrated devices, such as analog or digital circuits in monolithic or hybrid form.

It uses 6 wires in 3 pairs to transmit coloc, sync and data signals using nrz encoding with voltage levels of 12v, and a word length of 32 bits. Arinc 575, arinc 575 is the precursor to arinc 429. It is a 2 wire version, which was used in the digital Air Data system, later evolved to be arinc 429. It uses a low speed data rate with 32 bit words. Arinc 615, arinc 615 is a family of standards covering "data loading commonly used for transferring software and data to or from avionics devices. Arinc 615 is an arinc 429 compliant system, which uses a high-speed data loader to transfer information to and from on-board digital systems.

This software protocol layered on top of an arinc 429 physical layer has two versions of the loader, pdl - a portable flight line peice of test equipment, and adl - designed to fit in commercial aircraft instrument panels. Arinc 664, arinc 664 is based on the ieee 802.3 Ethernet standard. It has been modified to remove the non-avionics-quality services and add new features such as bounded latency and guaranteed bandwidth. This first popular implementation is known as afdx ( avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet). Arinc 708 is an avionics standard pecific to airborne weather radar systems. It is used as the output from the radar to the radar display.

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Aperiodic, a treatment which renders nonconductive material receptive to electroless deposition. Applications Software, electronic components, such as transistors, diodes, thyristors, etc., which can operate on an applied electrical signal so as to change its basics character;. E., rectification, amplification, switching, etc. Arinc, aeronautical Radio, incorporated (arinc established in 1929, is the leading provider of transport communications and systems engineering solutions for major industries (aviation, airports, governement, and transportation). Arinc 429, arinc 429 is the technical standard for the predominant avionics data bus used on most higher-end commercial and transport aircraft. It defines the physical and electrical interfaces of a two-wire data bus and a data protocol to support an aircraft's avionics local area network. Messages consist of a single data word, 32 bits in length. The arinc 561 specification provides a standard communications method for the "Air Transmort Inertial navigation System".

labview assignments

The analog front-end portion of a 1553B terminal consists of one or more channels, each of which contains an interface to translate the 1553B bus signal into a digital signal with voltage levels appropriate for the remainder of the terminal. The fact that most terminals being designed today use purchase hybrid of vlsi ic parts has gone far toward simplifying terminal design. Ansi, the American National Standards Institute or ansi is a private non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the United States. The organization also coordinates. Standards with international standards so that American products can be used worldwide. Ansi accredits standards that are developed by representatives of standards developing organizations, government agencies, consumer groups, companies, and others. These standards ensure that the characteristics and performance of products are consistent, that people gis use the same definitions and terms, and that products are tested the same way. Ansi also accredits organizations that carry out product or personnel certification in accordance with requirements defined in international standards.

c, d e, f g, h i, j k,. N o, p q, r s, t u, v w, a address Programming, the method by which an rt is made unqiue from all others. The avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet standard, known as afdx or arinc 644, is a data network for safety-critical applications that utilizes dedicated bandwidth while providing deterministic quality of Service (QoS). Afdx is based on ieee 802.3 Ethernet technology and utilizes commercial off-the-shelf (cots) components. It is described specifically by part 7 of the arinc 664 Specification, as a special case of a profiled version of an ieee 802.3 network per parts 1 2, which defines how Commercial Off-the-Shelf networking components will be used for future generation Aircraft Data networks. The six primary aspects of afdx include full duplex, redundancy, deterministic, high speed performance, switched and profiled network. Afdx is widely becoming adopted within the avionics industry as the successor to arinc 429 point-to-point communications. Analog Front End of a terminal.

Before using this Instruction Manual, check your equipment serial number to identify your model. If in doubt, contact your nearest Kepco representative, or the kepco docu- mentation Office in New York, (718) 461-7000, requesting the correct revision for your particular model and serial number. 3 the contents of this manual are protected by copyright. Reproduction of any part can be made only with the specific written permission of Kepco, inc. Data subject to change without notice. P/N d1, kepco, inc! User manual, klp series, power supply, model, klp series, power supply, order. Rev.1, rEV.12, rEV.12, rEV.25, writing rEV.22, rEV.14, rEV.3 email! World Wide web: m rev.

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labview assignments
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