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If i ever see a personal website on a resume, ill definitely check it out. And Ricardo has a particularly nice one its well designed, it showcases his apps, and it showcases his activity on Twitter, and is up to date. Sometimes to me this is even more helpful than the resume itself! The resume looks nice and gives you the impression that Ricardo pays attention to detail. Here are some things I think could be improved upon: More technical detail in employment section. When I read an employment section, hearing about the name of the app isnt enough. Im more interested in hearing about what specific technologies you used to make the app, and how much responsibility you had for the app.

Short and Sweet, the next type of resume comes from Tutorial team member. Ricardo rendon Cepeda and is what I call the Short and Sweet. Download resume example 2: Short and Sweet, this is where you can fit everything the reader needs to know on one put page. It works particularly well for those fresh out of college or with only a few job positions. It also works particularly well when you need to print out a resume, so you can pack it for conferences, first-round interviews, networking events, etc. For this resume Im going to list both things I like and things I think could be improved about the resume. I dont mean to pick on Ricardo (its awesome hes willing to share an example with all of you! i just think this makes for an interesting discussion that is hopefully helpful to others. And remember most of this is subjective so take my opinions with a grain of salt : Here are some things I like about this resume: resume Short and sweet. True to the title, its easy to get an idea of Ricardos experience and interests at a quick glance. Reference to personal website.

ios engineer resume

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Thats a great thing! Note you dont have to go in much detail here, just mentioning the school and degree is enough. Personally, i dont put much importance behind someones degree (unless its from a particularly impressive mom school or a particularly impressive accomplishment there) whats more important to me is the technical skills and experience. This is great stuff if you have them it demonstrates experience, interest, and gives the reviewer a chance to read something youve written and learn more about you and your knowledge. This is another great thing to add as well as ios meetup groups you may attend, etc. It shows you have an interest in the job and continuing education that goes beyond the 9-5. This kind of resume is nice and easy to make charlie just used a microsoft Word template.

ios engineer resume

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As suggested in the first part of the series, this includes name, phone number, and address for convenience of the reviewer. Also known as the objective, this is your chance to showcase what youre all about and what youre looking for in a job. You should customize this for the specific job you are applying to, indicating why you are a good match for that particular position. Personally this (and the work Experience section) is my favorite part of a resume! Note that each of these skills has the number of years experience in parenthesis afterwards, which is much more convenient than simply listing the skill or giving a subjective skill level like expert. Here Charlie listed out each of his jobs review and gave a few bullet points on his accomplishments and technical skills used. I like how he gave links to the apps created where possible, and mentioned specific technologies used. Note that Charlie has been a developer for a long time, so to keep his resume concise he shortened some of his older jobs.

Note that this is a very subjective subject and much of this is my own opinion i realize many of you may have your own opinions. So id love to hear your thoughts in the comments, lets make this a good discussion! Ios developer Resume Examples, i have three resume examples for your review, representing different types of approaches you may want to consider: The Classic, short and Sweet. Show me the skills! So lets dive right in to the examples. The Classic, this first resume example comes from Tutorial team member. Charlie fulton and is what I call The Classic. Download resume example 1: The Classic, this resume is split into the following sections: Contact Information.

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ios engineer resume

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Work Chronology: Freelance ios developer 2011 to present. Java developer, summary (learned ios) bay area transit (full-time) 2009 to 2011 java developer, luxury resorts (full-time) 2007 to 2009 Junior Software developer, jones and Sons Construction (full-time) 2005 to 2007 Education:. Computer Science, san Jose State relevant courses and Training: ios programming i, ii, iii mac os x for developers App Store for Programmers Multimedia for ios ios core os frameworks ios multimedia programming ios and sql technologies W3C and www standards Publications: Blog: Tales. Show them youre awesome. Three different ios developer resume examples plus more!

Welcome back to our three-part series on applying and interviewing for an ios developer job. In the first part of the series, you focused on the applying part of the equation. Preparing your resume and cover letter. In this second part of the series, i answer will show you a few examples of some ios resumes and cover letters that might be useful for reference or models. In the third and final part of the series, you will focus on the interviewing part of the equation. What types of ios interview questions to expect and prepare for, and how to do your best in an interview. Each of the ios developer resume examples includes a pdf sample you can download, as well as my personal opinions about what works (and doesnt work) about each resume.

Highlights: built connection to the database and parsed data using json. Integrated core location framework allowing users to find the closest location. Tools: Objective-c, ios sdk, uikit, Oracle, app Store : https m/BAcarrentals, results: 14,000 users downloaded the app and mid-size rental firms increased market share by 25 within the first year. Weve taken market share from the big three, thanks to bills intuitive, user-friendly app, john doe, president, bay area association of Rental Car dealers San Francisco convention and Visitors Bureau developed and deployed an ipad app promoting the city to businesses and visitors. Highlights: Programmed a uipageviewController subclass for navigating between articles and pages.

Utilized a uicollectionView to display large 768 x 4000 pixel jpg images sliced into 768 x 100 pixel tiles. Implemented video playback throughout the app. Tools: ios 6, Objective-c, uikit, Xcode, interface builder, Instruments and Git App Store: m/sfvisitors source code: m/iOSgurujournal Results: More than 25,000 downloads, activation rate of 85 and average session lengths that exceed 20 minutes. Return rates of 62, which resulted in a record year for the bureau in 2013. San Jose savings and loan Investigated and fixed numerous issues with existing widget functionality for an existing ios app. Highlights: Troubleshot and resolved a serious issue with a third-party ui component. Incorporated auto layout so that the user interface adjusts for both.5 and.0 iPhone screens. Tools: ios 6 and 7, git App Store: m/sjsl results: Improved retention rates and referrals.

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Added functionality to facilitate site-to-store transactions and executed server-side integration. Tools: ios 7, restful Web services, java framework. Results: Decreased order fulfillment time by 22, decreased back orders and lost orders by 15, thank increased revenue by 4, improved customer satisfaction scores and social media feedback. Bay area association of Rental Car dealers. Consortium of mid-size car rental firms located throughout the bay area. Developed new iPhone application that allowed visitors to check availability, compare rates, view locations and directions and make a reservation. Responsible for all phases report from implementing the design, writing code, testing, debugging and deployment.

ios engineer resume

Results include robust downloads, activations, session lengths, retention rates, revenue increases and referrals. Results dashboard: Insert url here, relevant skills: Languages: ios 4, 5, 6 and 7, Objective-c, groovy, java, javascript, php, html, bash. Databases: mysql, oracle, development Software: Git, Eclipse, xcode, technologies : restful Web, rails, java and javascript frameworks. Servers: TomCat, jboss, Apache, platforms: Mac osx, unix, complete list: Insert url here. Selected Projects self and Results: Complete list: Insert url here, trendy Sportswear, online retailer that also operates 24 brick-and-mortar stores located throughout the west. Developed an app that allows store and warehouse employees to manage inventory and complete order fulfillment by scanning merchandise skus and interfacing with e-commerce back end. Gathered specifications, consulted with ux designers, it department, employees, executives and buyers. Highlights: The app featured remote device configuration by consuming restful Web services.

with you here. Resume — Bullet Points, here is a great example of bullet points to describe technical contributions to projects or job responsibilities from. Anthony zeitlin s LinkedIn profile. List of recent accomplishments: constructed a digital encryption system using pseudo-block-chain principals Implemented the multi-language support features of Apples sdk to improve international app accessibility bridge header integration of Objective-c methods to Swift code built a multi-view self updating tabViewController with interactive icons Still working. push notification implementation through Apple developer portal video capturing and sharing via iphone camera json to dictionary conversion, storage, and retrieval various api calling including asynchronous image downloading firebase and custom login verification and storage asynchronously downloaded and displayed image url in a collectionView developed. William Bill Rodgers 000.555.1212 300 North Street, Unit a san Jose, ca 00000. Portfolio: Insert url, linkedIn: m/wrodgers, gitHub: m/iOSguru, summary: Results-oriented ios developer with more than three years experience writing highly readable, clean, maintainable source code. Developed more than 15 applications for iPhone and ipad that offer users an intuitive, friendly interface, and successfully executed more than 75 updates to existing applications for a variety of small to mid-size companies.

Interfaces for mobile devices in publishing business ios software Engineer / developer for Apple devices (iTunes applications for newspaper publishers core text, Image I/o, core Graphics (Quartz core Animation, bears developers, ltd. Is and sw good development ios programmer /Mobile devices developer (mobile games for iPhone) ios media layer, core media, store kit, game kit Framework, wfu - webs For Users, denver. Users friendly www pages development, php and java developer (java, php programming w3C Standards in java and php web servers applications Data ware house, ltd. Denver is development Tester, c programmer (temporary job, programming and sw testing) courses and Trainings: ios programming i, ii, iii max os x for developers App Store for Programmers Mobile games Programming Multimedia for ios cocoa touch Frameworks ios core os frameworks ios multimedia programming. mdm specialist, emm administrator - resume, curriculum Vitae example Project Manager Senior cv (Resume) Example Programmer (Software Engineer) Curriculum Vitae example mobile device support Technician, Specialist - resume, curriculum Vitae example cv (Resume) Background Color Examples Curriculum Vitae and Background Color Curriculum Vitae and Promotion. When I was on the ios career panel at General Assembly, i was asked if I could provide any examples of a good junior developers CV/personal website/etc. Its hard to describe your experience when you dont have much of it, right?

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Curriculum Vitae writing (Resume) Example mobile Application ios developer, Programmer. Mobile Application ios developer, Programmer, curriculum Vitae example, personal data: Name: Steve ios developer. Birth: 2-nd november 1987, email: ios-mobile-developer-app@apple - ios- mobile - arp. Address: Apple Street 2013, denver, education: 2010 - today ios university ios programming and applications developments pad, iphone, ipod specifications and differences, colorado University. Sw development and Programming Faculty, thesis: The visions of Mobile Application development. Nokia mobile developer Talent 2006 - winner, denver sw programming School, sw development (java, c, c, smallTalk). Job Experiences: 2012 - today, mobile Applications for Apple Products, ltd. New York, office applications for ipad and iPhone platform ios developer (data store and sales interfaces on ios applications). Cocoa touch, message ui framework, address book ui framework, event Kit ui framework, mobile for Publishers, san Francisco.

ios engineer resume
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  1. An apple developer resume must clarify proficiency in ios application development and mac operating systems. 6578 Ios developer jobs available. Apply to ios developer, Applicati on developer and more!

  2. Get all the articles, expe rts, jobs, and insights you need. Write a professional resume using our mobile developer re sume examples. Developing Apps for ios.

  3. Email: ios-mob ile-developer-app@apple - ios- mobile - arp. Com Phone number: 1111. Here are the top 25 Ios developer profiles on LinkedIn.

  4. Do you know what to include in your Iphone App developer resume? Iphone App developer resume examples to learn the best format, verbs. Results-oriented ios developer with more than three years exp erience writing highly readable, clean, maintainable source code. Personal data: Name: Steve ios developer Birth: 2-nd november 1987.

  5. Check out three different ios developer resume examples - plus cove r letter examples, advice, and more! Find the best Ios developer resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Ea ch resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes. When I was on the ios career panel at General Assembly, i was aske d if I could provide any examples of a good junior developer.

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