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Resume contents: Notable awards: 2016: Recognized as one of Wired's " 25 Geniuses who are creating the future of business ". 2013: Received the 2013 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award by the University of Illinois Computer Science department. 2012: llvm was awarded the acm software systems Award which recognizes a software system that has had a lasting influence, reflected in contributions to concepts, in commercial acceptance, or both (across the entire software industry). Previous recipients include java, apache, the world-Wide web, smalltalk, unix, and many other notable software systems. 2010: Received the acm sigplan programming Languages Software Award in recognition of my work on llvm. Sigplan is the acm organization focusing on Programming Language design and Implementation. Being the first year this was awarded is notable, because all programming language software systems were eligible.

Llvm has grown to include a broad range of front compiler, debugger, and runtime library technologies. Assembled out of this technology are things like the. Clang compiler, the, lldb debugger, the, clang Static Analyzer, and other low-level tools. Llvm is assignment widely used for academic research projects, has been adopted for commercial use by several companies, and has a broad and growing developer base. For more information, please see the llvm web page: http llvm. I am also the founder and project lead for the. Swift Programming, language, which is open source at Swift. Swift has been steadily and rapidly growing ever since its launch, with over 100,000 apps in the Apple app stores, is installed on millions of developer workstations, and is widely loved by people who use. Since its release as open source, swift is rapidly growing in the server space and in other domains outside of the traditional Apple developer community. I am a strong leader and have excellent communication skills (both verbal and written). I occasionally give talks explaining and evangelizing Swift, llvm, clang, and other technologies I have worked.

interesting resume

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Computer Science, my overall objective is to improve large software systems through the development of novel techniques as the well as the application of known engineering principles. I am a proven technical leader, who likes to grapple with hard engineering problems that most people assume are impossible to solve. I enjoy leading by example and getting my hands dirty. I have worked in many spaces, including things as diverse as low level machine code optimization, compiler optimization, programming language design, ide features, built the. Swift, playgrounds ipad app, and ran a team at Tesla applying a diverse range of tech in the autonomous car space (including machine learning, computer vision, sensors and non-vision perception, robotics planning and control, mapping, cloud infrastructure, embedded systems, and simulation). I am the founder and chief architect of the open source. Llvm compiler, infrastructure project, and serve on the board of directors of the llvm foundation.

interesting resume

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Cinema 4D, blender, graphic and Web Software, scripting and Programming Language. Video and 3d software, working Experience 1, august 2010 - february 2016. Fox news, designed and developed website content such as static, animated, and interactive graphics for. Graphic 70, animation 15 code 15 Working Experience now freelancer design and draw illustration, infographic, website, game, and animated video. Graphic 70 animation 15 code 15 Working Experience 3 level 3 level. Chris Lattner's Resume, this was last updated in June 2017. It may be out of date. If you want review me to update it or have any questions, please contact me by email. Org/sabre, us citizen,.

Click here to download The longest Action Verb List in the Universe. Expert, advanced, intermediate, elementary, beginner, design, illustration. Animation, multidisciplinary designer, level 1, level 2, sports Fan. Live and Work in New York city. Scroll down mouse or press keyboard's down-arrow. Swipe from right to left, interactive resume of, beginner. Elementary, intermediate, advanced, expert, photoshop, illustrator, sketch. Elementary, intermediate, advanced, expert, javascript, jquery. Elementary, intermediate, advanced, expert, after effects, premiere.

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interesting resume

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By indicating the applicant went to meetings they fail to convey any positive information besides stating that they simply complied with what was expected of them. The second version of the same duty starts with a much more targeted (both figuratively and literally) action verb, indicating leadership, organizational and planning qualities. The applicant continues to target the bullet point by including the golden keyword communicating which will surely be picked up my corporate applicant tracking systems (ATS). Finally the bullet point is concluded by stating explicitly what was communicated. The first example simply stated vaguely autobiography that news was shared, whereas the second point specified departmental growth and productivity were communicated.

Rg tip Simply taking a second look at your bland bullet points and figuring out how to write them in the most impactful way can increase a resumes effectiveness by over. How Can i use These lists to improve my own Resume? So, to help you write a better resume resume genius has compiled the largest list of action verbs on the Internet. Literally, this is the biggest action verb list you will ever see in your lifetime. Enjoy it at your leisure by either copying and pasting or simply downloading the list in a microsoft Document format below.

Align, divide, officiate, reposition, allocate, document, organize. Research, arrange, file, outline, restructure, assemble, filter. Package, revamp, associate, formalize, place, route, budget. Form, plan, schedule, catalog, gather, prepare, separate. Categorize, group, preserve, set, centralize, index, process. Situate, channel, individualize, qualify, sort, chart, integrate.

Rank, splice, classify label Rate Standardize collect List rearrange Straighten Compile localize reconcile Streamline condense log Record Structure consolidate map Register Subdivide distribute match Remodel Systematize technical Action Verbs Activate construct Install realign Actuate convert Interface regulate augment Debug Interpolate rehabilitate automate deploy liquidate synthesize. Using these at the beginning of bullet points will make it overwhelmingly clear to any hr the objective and task that was undertaken and how it was achieved. How Can Action Words Help my resume? Resume genius has a multitude of solutions for improving almost any resume. From resume design to resume formatting, there are many different ways to build an effective resume. One time-tested method for increasing the targeting of your resume is to start each bullet point with a unique action verb. Here are some examples of bullet points describing the same activity and how they can be improved by simply switching around some words and adding targeted action verbs as well. Went to all weekly company meetings to share department news Spearheaded weekly company meetings by communicating departmental growth and productivity. Note above the red example starts with a weak and non-descript verb.

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"Madonna dancer Sofia boutella and actor Falk hentschel Sign for 'Streetdance 2 3D' (Cannes. syed, Anam (October you 28, 2014). "Who Is Marcus Scarlotti? Whiplash Might be 'agents. dc's Legends of wood Tomorrow' casts Falk hentschel as Hawkman". External links edit retrieved from " ". Action Verbs by industry and skill. Organizational Action Verbs, accumulate, divert, merge, reorganize.

interesting resume

6 In 2015, hentschel portrayed the carter Hall version of Hawkman in the 2016 show dc's Legends of Tomorrow, and also Arrow and The Flash. 7 Filmography edit film roles year Title role notes 2006 Intelligence essay german Soldier 1 Short film 18 Fingers of death! Lead Music Video dancer Direct-to-video 2008 Thrill Killers Bj Short film 2009 Who Is Bobby domino jake sullivan Short film The letter Short film Cher Papa Phillippe Short film 2010 Knight day bernhard Broken Aaron sevell Short film 2011 Omission Simon Cox Short film 2012. Retrieved August 25, 2016. "Male go-go dancer, silver lame shorts - it's the hammer Museum". " csi: Crime Scene Investigation 11x15: 'targets of Obsession. Retrieved 29 november 2014. " ncis: Los Angeles 2x13: 'Archangel. kemp, Stuart (may 13, 2011).

which many entered some of the most prestigious film festivals in the world and won numerous accolades. In 2009, hentschel worked as a go-go dancer in the piece "Untitled (go-go dancing Platform by the artist Felix Gonzalez-torres in the hammer Museum in Los Angeles. 2 In 2009, falk landed his first big-budget feature film role as Bernhard the assassin, co-starring next to tom Cruise and Cameron diaz in Knight and day. The following year, falk played the role of drug addict Richard Conway on tnts The Closer, starring Kyra sedgwick. In 2011, hentschel played opposite singer Justin bieber in the csi: Crime Scene Investigation episode "Targets of Obsession". 3 he also starred in the ncis: Los Angeles episode "Archangel". 4 In StreetDance 2 (2012 he played a major role as Ash, the leader of a street dance crew that performed at a championship in Paris against a rival crew called Invincible. 5 In 2014 Hentschel guest starred in the episode " a fractured house " of the second season of Agents. As Hydra mercenary marcus Scarlotti aka whiplash.

He was raised bilingually, english and German, and moved around the world all his life. 1, hentschel worked in London as a professional backup dancer for artists such as, mariah Carey, britney spears, paulina rubio, jamelia and others. Later he was hired as a choreographer and worked on many music videos and tours in Canada and Asia. In 2003, falk decided to stay. Los Angeles for good and pursue his dream of becoming essay an actor. He made his acting debut in the. Emmy Award -winning show, arrested development in 2005. Small parts in, journeyman and numerous low-budget films followed.

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From wikipedia, homework the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. Falk hentschel (born April 26, 1985) 1 is a german actor, dancer and choreographer. He is mostly involved in American productions and has had supporting roles in movies such. White house down and, transcendence. His highest profile role to date was the superhero. Hawkman, which he portrayed in the. Arrowverse shows, the Flash, arrow and, legends of Tomorrow. Contents, early life edit, with his parents, jörg and Martina, and his brother Uwe, he escaped. East Germany seven months before the, berlin Wall came down.

interesting resume
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Oct 05, 2016 lukas Yla, a 25-year-old marketing professional looking for work in San Francisco, poses as a postmates worker to deliver his resume. 91 Responses to, resumes suck. McBeth nov 10, 2014.

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  1. Sep 05, 2013 allBusiness we provide expert advice on starting, financing, marketing and managing your business. Forbes, contributors are their own. Melanie haselmayr, contributor In 2009 I went through a career change. I was shifting from hospitality to event management and concurrently.

  2. It may be out of date. If you want me to update it or have any questions, please contact me by email. Increase the effectiveness of your resume by up to 50 by strategically using action verbs in the most important sections.

  3. Meet Amanda Amanda renteria is a lifelong public servant. In order to run for office, amanda renteria recently stepped down from the senior team at the california department of Justice. This was last updated in June 2017.

  4. Designed and developed diverse online advertising projects such as rich media, banner, landing page, and microsite. With his parents, j rg and Martina, and his brother Uwe, he escaped East Germany seven months before the berlin Wall came down. He was raised bilingually, english and German, and moved around the. Center for Career development serves Notre dame students in all stages of the career development process.

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