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41 The widespread acclaim of The Blueprint brought jay-z's record label Roc-a-fella records more attention to west's production skills. 41 The record influenced countless other hip-hop producers and established Kanye west as a major figure in mainstream rap music. 47 Reception edit The song received praise from music journalists for its innovative production and the cleverness of Kanye west's lyrical word play. "Good Morning" received generally favorable reviews from contemporary music critics. John Wash for Hot Press called the musical composition "glorious." he elaborates that the track's "dark, neurotic beats may form the backdrop, but the deliciously cheesy sampling lifts the song firmly into the pop spectrum." 48 Entertainment weekly s Isabella biedenharn noted, "the smooth, sublime. 50 Rapreview 's Jesa padania also considered "Good Morning" to be a strong way to start the studio album and expressed affinity for the song's simple yet soulful hip-hop beat.

38 Lyrically, "Good Morning" is a triumphant declaration of professional and financial achievement. 8 It continues the education theme that was established by kanye west's previous studio albums The college Dropout (2004) and Late registration (2005). 4 Both of the first two installments of West's planned album tetralogy began with an opening track that involves a school administrator who labels him a disappointment. 39 40 by contrast, "Good Morning" starts off Graduation with West ascendeding to the next level of success and progressing towards the next phase of his career. 40 30 West uses the track to deliver an anthemic commencement address and announces that his third album functions as his dissertation, making an analogy in which he likens his music to academia. 41 4 he compares conquering life's struggles and challenges server to graduating from a university when he professes that, "you graduate when you make it up out of the streets." 23 4 The song's pensive verses discuss lyrical concerns related to anti-elitism and anti-establishment and are. 5 12 42 While primarily an uplifting anthem, west's ouroboric lyrics suggest that each new successful achievement gives him more reasons to doubt himself. His conflicted, confessional lyricism and delivery is emphasized by way of the disarmingly simple, easygoing nature of the track's beat. 43 45 Alongside motivational declarations of triumph, the lyrics of "Good Morning" are home to energetic, amusing word play laced with numerous pop-culture references. 12 5 46 They pertain to actress Rosie perez, the 1989 Spike lee film do the right Thing, civil rights leader Malcolm x, and the classic 1980s science-fiction film series Back to the future. 46 West lays bear the forward-looking nature of the album when he rhymes, "Good Morning, look at the valedictorian/scared of the future while i hop in the delorean." 4 At the same time, the interpolation of the line, "Hustlers, that's if youre still livin get.

good morning in japanese writing

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12 5 13 After its third verse, "Good Morning" elevates itself from a refrain to an outro that features the voice of rapper jay-z. 37 he utters lyrics from the opening lines of "The ruler's Back." 12 The musical composition reaches its conclusion with the pairing of jay-z's additional vocals writing to otherworldly synth parts. 1 "Good Morning" A 19-second sample of West rapping the song's second verse backed by echoed, metronomic cowbell beats and thumping bass drum. His pensive lyrics express motivational declarations of triumph. During the refrain, the ambient track takes on New-Age keyboards as well as a dreamy harmonic vocal hook. Problems playing this file? West's straight-forward delivery is slick and keenly aggressive during the song's three eight-bar verses. 17 His lyricism exhibits the slower, less technical approach to flow that he used throughout Graduation.

good morning in japanese writing

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5 9 1 "Good Morning" begins at a medium tempo when Kanye west utters a controlled "uh" before he unleashes the writing subversive, trembling bass drum. 2 28 The opening section then initiates a steady beat derived from echoed -out, metronomic cowbell strikes to punctuate its muted thumping boom bap drums while the accompaniment comes in the form of electric piano keys layered with droning synthesizer. The song's sparse arrangement becomes awash in more layers of music at the arrival of the atmospheric refrain. 5 23 Its refrain contains ambient orchestration which involves a merging of its thumping bass drum, metronomic cowbell beats and arpeggiated synth- drone with keyboards that harbor New-Age aspects and wafting vocal harmonies from an astral backing choir. "Good Morning" is simplistic in its gentle chorus, where west repeats the title of the track four times. 17 37 Each titular utterance is accentuated by the haunting yet ethereal backup choral chants and subtle instrumental fills. 30 23 9 The song's dreamy hook is composed with the use of wordless falsetto vocal samples from the recording " Someone saved my life tonight " by English singer and pianist Elton John.

Thats not a big thing, but in his mind, 'i had the a capella, so i was able to put that in there without any drums. 32 Although he does provide the additional vocals, Graduation marks the very first studio album released by west not to feature a full-length guest rap verse from jay-z. 1 28 Composition edit "Good Morning" is a midtempo hip hop track that lasts for a duration of three minutes and fifteen seconds. 1 The song's musical and lyrical content is both light and dark in tone. 30 It harbors an atmosphere that is sunny and largely optimistic, but also wary and sentimental. 34 3 Musically, the progressive hip-hop song contains elements of electronic and ambient music as well as New-Age keyboards. 10 35 It has a minimal and downbeat electronic instrumentation which mainly consists of keyboards, drums, and background vocals.

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good morning in japanese writing

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20 The celestial oohing vocals function as a floating hook that serves to further engender the song's moody atmosphere. 4 28 31 Additionally, "Good Morning" includes an interpolation of vocals that were provided by rapper jay-z which are spliced into the song's outro. 12 31 During the closing refrain, jay-z briefly recites lyrics from "The rulers Back the rapper's own opening track for his sixth studio album, The Blueprint (2001). 31 32 Similar to finding Forever, the album's record quotations production had been largely handled by kanye west. 33 In an interview with Entertainment weekly, jay-z detailed some backstory in regards to his small contribution.

32 friend From a creative stance, west was apparently quite enthusiastic about the incorporation of his a capella into the track. Jay-z explained, "you have to really care about the music. Kanye was bragging about having the a capella. He's like, 'yo, thats how I spun it, 'cause i had the a capella.' i'm like, wow! The things he cares about!

1 With its minimalist arrangement, sweeping melodies, and old school -inspired boom-bap drums, "Good Morning" is an atmospheric track that continues the quietly complex approach to hip-hop production that West began on Finding Forever (2007). It was the seventh studio album of West's close friend, fellow Chicago hip-hop artist and label affiliate common. 21 Finding Forever was Common's second release on West's good music imprint and came out just a few weeks before Graduation. 24 Beginning in early 2006, west had overseen the recording and production of Finding Forever simultaneously with his own Graduation. 25 26 As a result, there was significant overlap in the studio sessions for the two records. 24 Common was helpful in facilitating the composing process, as West producing songs for his album would sometimes either lead to the making of hip-hop beats or inspire creative ideas which were applied towards his own project.

27 "Good Morning" was a case of the latter in regards to the track's muted drum-machine pattern. 28 The murky, slightly off-kilter drum beat West crafted for the composition coincides with the j dilla methodology that he channeled and maintained throughout Finding Forever in tribute to the underground hip-hop producer. 11 29 For the production of "Good Morning west integrates samples of vocals in the falsetto register into the chorus section. 23 13 The song's dreamy, chant -like coos are from the 1975 recording " Someone saved my life tonight " by the English pianist, singer-songwriter and composer Elton John. 12 30 1 The track also contains additional vocals provided by australian singer Connie mitchell of the dance music group Sneaky sound System as well as soul singer and former good music recording artist Tony williams. 1 According to tony williams, they booked a recording studio in Detroit, michigan to begin working on the song in February 2006. 20 They were in Detroit doing a show for the festivities for Super Bowl xl, when the seattle seahawks played against the pittsburgh Steelers. 20 West had Connie mitchell and Tony williams sing a descending vocal line in harmony together over the sample.

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16 Two weeks later, "Good Morning" was played as an opener when West hosted an album listening session for Graduation paper in New York city. 17 The late-night album listening session was held plan at the new World Stages on August 28, 2007. 17 Inside an auditorium, west explained the influences and aspirations that went into the making of his third album. 17 Throughout the night, he played previews of its songs from start-to-finish without interruption, some with video accompaniment to match. 18 19 When West played "Good Morning scenes from the film 2001: a space Odyssey were broadcast on a screen while lights flashed in sequence with the thumping beat of the track. 17 Recording edit "Good Morning" concludes with additional vocals that are provided by American rapper jay-z. "Good Morning" was the very first song that Kanye west started working on for his third studio album, Graduation (2007). 20 Recording sessions took place at Sony music Studios in New York city and at The record Plant in Hollywood, california. 1 The track was then mixed at the Chalice recording Studios in Hollywood, california.

good morning in japanese writing

Incidentally, elton John had professed a desire to work with Kanye west during an interview with Rolling Stone on August 25, 2006. 14 Elton John imparted that he wanted to bring his songs and melodies to hip-hop beats. 14 It was while he was discussing his forthcoming autobiographical studio album The captain the kid. 14 As a concept album, it acts as the sequel to his ninth studio album Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, which just so happens to contain the very song that West samples. 1 resume years later, the two artists did in fact collaborate with one another on Kanye west's fifth studio album my beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010 which Elton John described as "genius." 13 Elton John played the piano and was one of many in a long. 15 The song was first heard by music listeners when the digital radio station bbc radio 1Xtra hosted an exclusive "Audience with Kanye west" venue at the bbc radio music Theatre in London on August 13, 2007. 7 West guided a specially selected audience through Graduation, playing the album in its entirety directly from his Macbook air laptop via a speaker system. 7 The premiere was part of an extensive promotional campaign that West embarked on for his third album during a trip to the United Kingdom.

than a fake bernie mac intro or a broke-phi-Broke skit, the album opener instead begins Graduation with vocals from Kanye west. 2 3 On "Good Morning west himself establishes the academic theme of the third album. 4 His pensive rap verses demonstrate the introspective lyricism, witty metaphors, and aspirational declarations of triumph that anchor Graduation. 5 6 7 8 The musical composition starts the album on a sparse, downbeat note. 5 It is adorned with subtle instrumental nuances and wordless vocables. 9 Moreover, the opening track signals Kanye west's progression towards a more much electronic soundscape. 10 Along with the significant emphasis on electronic music, one of the most distinctive aspects of the production for "Good Morning" is West's use of vocal samples from the song " Someone saved my life tonight " by English singer and pianist Elton John.

"Good Morning" received generally favorable reviews from contemporary music critics, who praised the production as well as West's wordplay. Though not released as a single, an animated music video was produced for "Good Morning." The video was directed by japanese contemporary artist. Takashi murakami —who had designed the album artwork of, graduation and the cover art for its singles—and features the use of cel-shaded animation. The short animated feature was met with widespread acclaim and is often cited as one of West's most artistic music videos. It was included in the 'best-of' lists of publications such as Billboard and Complex and has been showcased in multiple art museums. In addition to the music video, a special video clip was also made for "Good Morning." It features a montage of scenes taken from the 1968 science-fiction film 2001: a space Odyssey. West performed "Good Morning" as the opener of the setlist using on his world wide Glow in the dark tour (2008). Contents Background edit "Good Morning" was written and produced by American hip hop recording artist and record producer Kanye west.

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Good Morning " thank is a song by American hip-hop recording artist and record producer, kanye west. It was released as the first song on the track-listing of his third studio album. The song was produced by west and contains samples from the recording someone saved my life tonight " by English singer and pianist. As the album-opener, "Good Morning" serves as an introduction to the musical and lyrical themes. The composition is both light and dark in tone and retains a keyboard -laden, electronic instrumentation in addition to being imbued with poignant, introspective discussion. The track's atmospheric hip hop production harbors a subdued measure of progressiveness as West allows. New-Age and ambient elements into the mix. His pensive lyrics express motivational declarations of triumph and contain numerous pop-culture references. The song's verses are built on self-aggrandizing laced with self-criticism and explores lyrical concerns pertaining to anti-establishment.

good morning in japanese writing
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