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The name of the next station is announced in French as the train leaves, and again when it arrives. Community q a, search, add New question, can people share an Opus card? The opus card cannot be used to enter two times in a row a station. Theoretically, you could lend your card to somebody, but it's not legal. What is the closest metro station to auberge du lac Morency? Joshua burke, it's pretty far, but it appears to be de la concorde Station. You will most likely need to drive. Ask a question 200 characters left, include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Unlike in New York, every entrance is good to board for either direction of writing travel - in fact, every station except Longueuil is designed to allow you to change directions (if you go too far, for example) without having to leave the turnstiles. 4, buy a ticket either from a vending machine or from the booth by the turnstiles. The laurier street entrance to the laurier metro is not manned, but does have a ticket machine. Keep the ticket with you - it's your proof of purchase and your transfer to the bus system. 5, know where you're going. The "direction" of the trains is listed by the last station on the line, so look at the map, find your present station and your destination station, and then note the end-station that you have to travel toward. So if you're at Berri-uqam and you wanted to go to pie-ix, you would take the green line, direction Honoré-beaugrand. Consider that you may have to transfer. Note what station you will have to transfer at, and which direction you'll have to go when you're there (again, if you forget, there are maps in the trains.) 7, find the sign with the right colour and the right direction. Walk downstairs, wait for the train, and get on! During rush-hour, some trains on the Orange line stop at Henri-bourassa instead of continuing to montmorency, but other than that, there are no express trains that skip certain stops, nor trains with different destinations using the same track.

essay on metro station

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Okay, steps 1, find your closest metro station, marked by a characteristic blue sign with a white arrow in a circle pointed downward. Most of the stations downtown are connected via the underground tunnels, so look for a sign on the side of office buildings or entrances to malls. The lines themselves run under de maisonneuve (green line) and Viger/Saint-Jacques (orange line with the green line continuing east and west, and the orange line curving north on either side of downtown. 2, know roughly where you're going and what metro station you want to. If twist you don't know the exact station, there are maps of Montreal in every station, at many bus stops, and on the streets around town. The metro map is in every car, and you can get a pocket-sized one from the booth operator. 3, enter the station.

essay on metro station

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Panormou named after Panormou avenue which runs between the Ambelokipi and Panormou stations. Katehaki again named after an avenue which runs from just west of Katehaki station to vyronas, a suburb in east Athens. Ethniki amyna Greek for National Defence. The ministry of Defence, known as the pentagon, is outside the station. All other stations are named after the areas they serve. We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree best to our cookie policy.

The avenue is dedicated to businessman Andreas Sygros. Fix is the name of an old brewing company which has been closed for years. The brewery now stands in a derelict state in Sygrou avenue. Part of it was demolished during construction of the metro but the remaining part is to be re-developed into an interchange station containing bus and metro stations, a multi-storey car park and shops. Agios ioannis named after the nearby church dedicated to saint John. Line 3 - blue line evangelismos Named after a nearby evangelismos hospital. Megaro moussikis Greek for "music hall" which is close to the metro station. It is possible a mistake has been made in the name of this station as the word "music" is not spelled with a double s in any language.

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essay on metro station

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Omonia see line 1 Larissa Station This is the main station for trains to Thessaloniki (also known as Salonica). At the time the name assignment was given to the train stations, Thessaloniki was still under Turkish rule and trains only went as far as Larissa. Metaxourghio meaning "Silk workshop". The actual workshop disappeared long ago but the area is stillnamed after. Panepistimio greek for "University". The main buildings of the national and Capodistrian University of Athens are just outside the metro station.

Syntagma In Greek, "syntagma" means "constitution". The metro stations name comes from a protest which took place on 3 September 1843 when a group led by general ioannis makriyiannis sat in the royal Palace, now the the parliament, and demanded from King Otto i to compose a constitution for Greece. They were successful and the square in front of the palace was named "Constitution Square". Akropoli Greek for "Acropolis". This station is the closed to the holy rock. Sygrou-fix Sygrou avenue is the avenue connecting Syntagma with Phaleron.

Click to enlarge Extensions under construction Click to enlarge line Extensions under construction Length Stations Completion Kilometers Miles 3 Monastiraki-egaleo-haidari 5,8.-2008 2 Aghios Antonios-Anthoupoli 1,5.93 Peristeri, anthoupoli 2008 3 Holargos, nomismatokopio, aghia paraskevi - - holargos, nomismatokopio, aghia paraskevi aghios Dimitrios-Alexandros Panagoulis-Helliniko 5,5. Theatro, evangelistria 2013 The origin of the metro station names Metro station Station name origin Line 1 - green line kat this is an acronym meaning "Injury rehabilitation Center". Kat is a big hospital near the metro station. Neraziotissa The name of an old church situated to the north of this metro station. There is no real local origin for this name. Agios nikolaos Named after the nearby church dedicated to saint Nicholas.

Attiki comes from Plateia attikis or Attiki square. Attica is the official name for the prefecture Athens is situated. Victoria named after Victoria square that is above this metro staton. The square is named after queen Victoria of England. Omonia the metro station has the name of the square that is over. Thissio named after an ancient temple that used to be in the area and that was dedicated to Thisseas. Line 2 - red line Agios Antonios Named after the nearby church dedicated to saint Anthony.

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The metro stations from Athens International Airport to monastiraki station on this line are: Athens International Airport, doukissis Plakentias (connection with suburban rail halandri, ethniki amina, katehaki. Panormou, ambelokipi, megaro mousikis, evagelismos, syntagma (connection with metro line 2: Aghios. Antonios - agios Dimitrios, "Alexandros Pana- goulis monastiraki (connection with metro line 1: Piraeus - kifisia). The journey time from Athens International Airport to syntagma is about 30 advantages minutes and 60 minutes to piraeus. Metro tickets to and from the airport. Fares single fare 6 return ticket (within 48 hours) 10 single fare for 2 persons (group ticket) 10 single fare for 3 persons (group ticket) 15 teens (-18 students 3 senior citizens (65) 3 disabled people and escorts of visually impaired people, on production. 0 metro timetables airport transport to the airport from the airport stations Train Stations Train First Last First Last Monastiraki 5:51 22:51 Airport 6:30 23:30 Syntagma 5:53 22:53 doukissis Plakentias 6:54 23:54 evangelismos 5:55 22:55 Halandri 6:56 23:56 Megaro moussikis 5:57 22:57 Ethniki amyna 7:02. Nevertheless, it is good to know which line you have to take to get to a certain station. Clicking on the map below will lead you to the full size map that you can download.

essay on metro station

Remember that the metro safety stations all close at midnight and re-open at 5am the next morning. The metro trains are clean, smooth and very fast and while waiting for your train, you can enjoy the piped-in classical music in the downtown metro stations. Quite a few metro stations also have a permanent exhibition of the archaeological finds during construction. Make sure you visit the station on Syntagma Square. You won't believe your eyes. Airport to Athens center by metro (suburban rail). On Friday, the extension of metro line 3 Athens International Airport monastiraki started operating.

airport after the doukissis Plakentias metro station) for 90 minutes after its first validation. Yet another ticket (0.70 and.40 reduced ticket) will let you use and re-use all city buses (not the airport express buses nor the metro trolley busses and the tram for 90 minutes after its first validation. The reduced travel ticket is valid for: for young people up to 18 years old, 65 upon production of their identity card, for holders of the oasa pupil or student card and other persons with discounted fare entitlement. Foreign university students upon production of their isic-card (International Student Identity card) members of large families on production of the large family pass. Free travel ticket: mps and Euro mps on production of their mp card (rural) policemen firemen port authority personnel and cadets soldiers in military service war invalids and their escorts on production of the relevant identity card disabled people and escorts of visually impaired people. You can also buy a day ticket for 3,00 or a week ticket for 10 valid on all metro lines, the tram, all city buses but not the express buses for 24 hours from its first validation. A week ticket is also available for.Some stations are still being finished and new stations and extensions are under way.

The decision to use tunnel boring machines to bore 12 km of train tunnels through solid rock, was made on the grounds of eliminating the possibility to encounter cultural treasures. When finds were made, labor personnel was removed from the area until the completion of the archaeological investigation by the archaeologists of the Greek ministry of Culture. Unexpected archaeological finds included a sarcophagus at the Ethniki amyna station and large roman-period drains at the larissa and evangelismos station and the paleologou shaft. The total excavation works represent the largest archaeological program ever undertaken in Athens. The metro project dug into Athens' past to build its future. Photos of the Athens metro. Metro tickets city transport, athens's metro is a 135 km network serving 45 stations, recently extended thanks to the games, which will grow by 23 kilometers - 12 stations by 2009 and by 20,8 more kilometers (16 more stations) by 2012. The brand new Athens metro system only has three lines but the clean and safe trains will take you to your destination and they will do so fast. During rush hour the trains run every 3 minutes and every 10 minutes the rest of the day.

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Getting around in Athens, the Athens metro and archaeology, one of the first questions about the metro project that Athenians and visitors usually ask, refers to the archaeological finds. The construction of one of the largest public works in Europe has been carried out at the most interesting locations of classical antiquity. Five of the metro stations are located at the center of ancient Athens, in the shadow of the Acropolis. Prior to the commencement of the works, through investigation trenches and other methods, any anticipated archaeological areas presenting high risk, were verified. This analysis highlighted five stations (Syntagma, monastiraki, thissio, akropoli and Panepistimio) where major excavations were performed prior to the commencement of construction works. As anticipated, excavations revealed material from the neolithic up to the modern era. Discoveries included a bathhouse (the Amalias shaft was relocated because this very important find metal working shops, aqueducts and cisterns, ancient roads and city walls, drains, cemeteries and random burial and an enigmatic room filled with oil lamps decorated with erotic scenes. Significant artifacts and features were detached, preserved and stored in secure facilities. Some stations, paper such as Akropoli, monastiraki and Panepistimio were built using underground tunnel boring instead of surface excavation.

essay on metro station
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  4. Metro subway has a museum as well. It is located in the southern lobby. Find your closest metro station, marked by a characteristic blue. Five of the metro stations are located at the center of ancient.

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