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Transition the slides, you can choose various transitions between slides. To view a list of available options, find the Animation tab. Decide where you want the transitions to appear. They can vary or the same one can be used each time. Click on the transitions you wish to select. View the powerPoint as a slide show. When all the preparation is completed, you should play the presentation to make certain everything works as intended.

Paste edit pictures, graphs, and charts. Graphs, charts, and other visuals can help the audience to get a better understanding of the message you wish to convey. To add these items, find the Insert tab in the menu at the top of the window. The list of options will appear on the screen. Choose the needed tab and click. For editing a picture or graphics, click the format tab and provide the changes you want. Place role thermometer files in the desired order. After the design is selected and the files are ready, its time to consider all the information once again. Look at all the files to make sure they are placed in a logical order. Its possible to follow two principles here: either going from the less important information to the most important, or vice versa. Anyway, if you think of any changes to make, do so at this stage.

proposal business plan sederhana

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Add your first and last name by clicking in the william bottom box and typing. You can insert the subtitle the same way. Add more slides, want to include more information in your presentation? Add as many slides to the presentation as needed. There are several ways to do this. Right-click the space below the first slide and then choose the new Slide option. You also can find the same option in the toolbar above the slides. Click on it and get the same results.

proposal business plan sederhana

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Click on the selected slide. Then choose the design you want to use. Right-click on the option you like and choose Apply to selected Slide. Now the selected slide will look the way you want. Insert the title of the presentation. You have already made up your mind about the design of the slides. Now add the title to your presentation. Go to the first slide and find the box that says Click to add title and type in oliver a title.

With that in mind, begin by choosing the general look for your presentation. The design should reflect the main purpose of your presentation. Moreover, the design and the text should work together in unity. Open the powerPoint program on your computer. Click on the design tab. Consider all the options offered and select the one which best fits the concept to be presented. The slides you use can differ from each other. For example, you can easily select the kind of content slides that match the kinds of information to be displayed.

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proposal business plan sederhana

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(6) The protection of the rights of the parties is effected by the competent economic courts, which may be international, or, if the parties agree, by commercial arbitration. Article 17 deals with associations of franchisors (but not with associations of franchisees). Paragraph (1) indicates specifically that in order to establish provisions on ethics for franchising and ensure their protection, franchisors have the right to associate in national or international associations. Chapter V: Final Provisions (Articles 18 rose - 19) Article 18 deals with the entry into force of the law and Article 19 with adjustments of existing legal provisions to the law. The use of a powerPoint presentation is a great way to showcase your ideas effectively. Using different visual aids makes delivering the information much easier.

Make your presentation colorful and informative. Deliver the information in such a way that the audience is engaged and informed. Therefore, it is wise to spend just a bit of time learning some tips for completing this type of presentation. The feedback from the audience is sure to be rewarding. The purpose of this article is to provide a clear explanation of how to develop an effective powerPoint presentation. Create the design of the presentation. Every powerPoint presentation is based on the number and the formatting of slides as well as design.

Paragraph (4) contains a registration requirement, in that it states that the franchise agreement is registered with the State Agency for the Protection of Industrial Property. The registration fee is fixed by the government. Article 10 considers changing, extending or terminating the agreement. To be noted is that the same provision deals with both parties. Thus, paragraph (2) states that: The parties have the right to ask for the termination or revision of the agreement in the following situations: a) the parties agree to it; b) the breach of the agreement by one of the parties; c) liquidation of one.

Article 11 considers the payments the franchisee has to make, including the royalties and the initial fee. Paragraph (1) states clearly that the franchisee has to pay an initial fee and a royalty. Article 12 considers investments. Chapter iii: Rights and Obligations of the parties (Articles 13 15) Article 13 briefly considers the rights and obligations of the parties (the rights and obligations of the parties are regulated by law and by the franchise agreement Article 14 labour relations and social security. Chapter IV: guarantees and the Protection of the rights of Participants in the Franchise (Articles 16 17) Article 16 provides guarantees and the protection of the rights of the participants in the franchise by stating that: (1) The franchisor foreign legal or natural person has. (2) The franchisor and the franchisee local legal or natural person have the rights provided for by the legislation. (3) The franchisors property rights which are temporarily transferred to the franchisee are protected. (4) It is prohibited to go after the franchisors assets which were transferred to the franchisee. (5) The franchise agreement is valid throughout the whole period for which it was concluded, even if new legislation is adopted aggravating the situation of the parties.

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Article 7 deals with legal forms and the registration procedure of the parties. In general terms it provides that the legal forms permitted are those admitted by the legislation in the place of residence of the parties. Chapter II: The Franchise Agreement (Articles 8 12). Article 8 deals with the preparation of the franchise proposal, which can be made by either party. The article specifies that (2) essay The proposal must contain a business-plan with specifications for the production and/or distribution of the product, the providing of the service, the volume of the production, the salary levels of the employees, the prospective income, the volume and directions. It also indicated that information about existing or potential participants of the franchise is collected and kept by the State Agency for the Protection of Industrial Property (paragraph (3 and that potential franchisors and franchisees have the right to ask the State Agency for the. The fee for information provided is fixed by the Agency (paragraph (4). Article 9 regulates the franchise agreement, and in paragraph (2) specifies that the agreement must contain indications regarding: for (a) the parties to the agreement; (b) the type, field of activity and the name of the business; (c) the amount and terms of the payments (initial.

proposal business plan sederhana

Article 1 provides a definition of franchising, Article 2 of the franchisor and Article 3 of franchisees. Article 4 lists the legislation bay that applies to franchising. Article 5 considers the field of application and the purpose of the franchise, and Article 6 the different forms of franchising,. These are defined as: (2) In the corporate form of franchising the franchisees participate in all stages of production of the franchisor. The characteristics of the corporate form are: a) a close relationship between franchisor and franchisee; b) the regular sharing of information; c) a detailed regulation of the activity and a high level of responsibility of the franchisee. (3) The commercial form of franchising provides for the distribution of goods or the providing of services. The characteristics of the commercial form are: d) a narrow specialisation of the franchisee by the distribution of one type of product or the providing of one type of service; e) the receipt by the franchisor of a fixed part of the revenue; f) the.

parties, and. Article 1178 returns to the obligations of the franchisor by stating that the franchisor is responsible for all the rights it grants,. It must have registered the trademarks, etc. It also provides for a right of the franchisee to reduce the amount of money to be paid to the franchisor if the rights do not exist or if the franchisor does not perform its obligations. Law of the republic of Moldova on Franchising. 1335 of The law of the republic of Moldova on Franchising. 1335 of is more detailed. It comprises nineteen articles divided into five chapters: Chapter I: General Provisions (Articles 1 7 Chapter II: The Franchise Agreement (Articles 8 12 Chapter iii: Rights and Obligations of the parties (Articles 13 15 Chapter IV: guarantees and the Protection of the rights of Participants. Chapter I: General Provisions (Articles 1 7).

2003 civil Code, chapter xxi of the 2003 civil Code contains eight articles ( article 1171 contains a definition of the franchise contract as an instalment contract by which independent enterprises (franchisee and franchisor) agree to contribute reciprocally to distribute the goods and services each. Article 1172 deals with the form and conditions of the contract. While the requirement that the franchise contract be concluded in writing is not surprising, the requirement of the second paragraph, that the franchise contract must contain a full description of the procedure for the transfer of the franchise in addition to the reciprocal obligations. Article 1173 specifies the obligations of the franchisor essay in a general manner: according to paragraph (1) the franchisor is obliged to transfer to the franchisee the totality of the relevant intellectual property rights, trade marks, models, elements parts of equipment, trade dress, concepts of delivery. Paragraph (2) indicates that in addition the franchisor has the obligation to protect the common franchise programme from the intervention of third parties, to update the programme continuously and to support the franchisee in his activity by way of training, and information. Article 1174 specifies the obligations of the franchisee, which include the payment of royalties, the observance of the business format and the obligation, if the contract so requires, to buy the goods and services required from the franchisor or a person indicated by the franchisor. Article 1175 provides that both parties have an obligation to keep commercial secrets confidential, and that each of the parties must inform the other of all circumstances related to the franchise in question.

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Interpretation, translation proposal, i ( write report ) noun analysis, appraisal, commentary, critical analysis, examination, in-depth analysis, plan, summary, writing. Ii ( suggestion ) noun design, draft, exhortation, idea, measure, motion, offer, overture, plan, possibility, presentation, proffer, proposition, recommendation, scheme, submission, suggestion, tender, thought. Iii index advice, agenda, application, bid, bill ( proposed act ), campaign, conspiracy, invitation, measure, motion, motive, nomination, overture, plan, platform, policy ( plan of action ), prescription ( directive ), program, project, proposition, recommendation, request, resolution ( formal statement ), strategy, suggestion Burton's Legal. 2006 Synonyms : Offer (of something to be done proffer, tender, suggestion, proposition, scheme, design, terms proposed, overture). The republic of Moldova has two instruments regulating franchising: The law of the republic of Moldova on Franchising. 1335 of, and Chapter xxi of the 2003 civil Code. This brief summary will treat the two separately, starting with the civil Code which is more general. (The translation of the legislation used and"d in this entry was contributed by Ms viorica laticevschi of the International Independent University of Moldova (Universitatea libera Internationala din Moldova - ulim).

proposal business plan sederhana
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  6. Chapter II: The Franchise Agreement (Articles 8 12) Article 8 deals with the preparation of the franchise proposal, which can be made by either party. Business, grants Shareware and Freeware Programs. Proposal, pack wizard Software (Cyber sea, inc. Proposal, pack wizard (Cyber sea, inc.

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