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Oversaw and maintained internal controls to assure accepted accounting and auditing procedures as well as City policies are followed. Monitored revenues and expenditures and provided progress reports on financial wellbeing of the city and effective use of budgeted funds, personnel, materials and facilities. Senior audit manager 09/2003 10/2005, department Of housing And Urban development. Jackson, ms, managed and led entire audit assignment process, including detailed planning of audit assignments, audit testing, and reporting in accordance with Internal Audit methodology. Documented audit findings audit reports, ensuring that audit issues are communicated and resolved as early as possible. Ensured that audit assignments are focused on key risk areas, and are performed efficiently and within time and expense budgets. Advised management on the resourcing requirements for the Internal Audit function, including any potential outsourcing arrangements.

Provide the city manager with management consulting services directed toward identifying opportunities to enhance fiscal integrity and library safeguard municipal assets. Assistant city auditor 08/2008 04/2011, lauderdale county, ms, supervised and conducted more complex audit assignments concurrently, ensuring compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and practices. Conducted confidential investigations regarding alleged improprieties as requested by the mayor, city council, the city manager, or a department head. Investigated allegations of misconduct and violations of code of ethics on the part of officers and employees; initiated and conducted independent audits of financial records and financial control systems. Interpreted and enforced federal, state and local statutes, relating to fiscal management, with department heads and staff. Assisted in the coordination of the operating and capital budgets with the finance director and the mayors Office, and followed budget expenditures during the fiscal year. Prepared state and federal financial reports, including the input of financial data into the dls gateway system to comply with the department of revenue reporting requirements for Free cash certification and Tax Rate recapitulation. Assistant finance director 11/2005 08/2008. City of Jackson, ms, supervised various aspects of the departments service responsibilities, which include budgeting, payroll preparation, accounts payable, utility billing, and business licensing. Managed audit staff support functions including departmental administration, professional standards, internal performance reviews and training and development. Assisted in developing official plans, policies and procedures and communicate these to city management staff, city council, boards, commissions and the general public.

internal audit methodology

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Recognized for demonstrating stellar leadership skills to achieve aggressive business goals and drive concept evolutions into achievable organizational plans. Work experience, city auditor 05/2011 Present, city of Columbus,. Administer the overall financial operations by planning, organizing, directing and reviewing general procedures methods and results of budgeting operations, special assessments, the investment programs of the city, revenue collection, and expenditures control. Conduct surveys of potential audit areas and assesses city programs and operations to determine if established objectives, outcomes and expected performances are achieved. Develop annual audit program plans and timelines that incorporate identified Audit Committee and City council priorities. Analyze data obtained for evidence of deficiencies in dissertation controls, duplication of effort, extravagance, fraud, or lack of compliance with laws, government regulations, and management policies or procedures. Supervise the revision and maintenance of City ordinance books and records all meeting of the city commission; assure the assigned areas of responsibility are performed within budget as well as effective and efficient use of budgeted funds, materials, facilities and time.

internal audit methodology

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Identify cash payments to customs officials without receipts. Government resume samples city auditor resume sample, john doe 586 16th Street, jackson, ms 12345 (555) 555-5190. Professional summary, astute and detail-oriented City auditor with more than 16 years of using progressive experience in performing professional auditing work including conducting financial, fiscal compliance, and operational audits of City departments together with assisting the city council on municipal fiscal affairs. Proficient in developing and implementing audit methodology, including familiarity with obtaining and evaluating various sources and forms of evidence; standards, benchmarks, and testing instruments for measurement and evaluation; and risk identification. Highly competent in budgeting, performance evaluation, cost management, and asset management as well as expert at optimizing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving corporate profitability. Familiarity with the preparation of financial reports for organizations, including stockholders, creditors, regulatory agencies, and tax authorities, including financial analysis, planning and budgeting and cost accounting. Ability to analyze and evaluate accounting and auditing problems and to develop and recommend effective corrective measures.

Inventory and Warehouse management, improve tracking and accounting of inventory. Find opportunities to reduce inventory carrying costs. Reduce cycle time from purchase request to receipt. Fcpa anti-corruption Compliance Program review. Identify potential third party agent red flags and determine root causes. Develop thorough due diligence processes, including questionnaires, business cases, and research. Enhance fcpa training and establish guidelines for appropriate participants. Fcpa anti-corruption Transaction review, identify high risk transactions with insufficient monitoring. Discover unknown agents or those from fictitious shell companies.

Internal Audit Process from A to Z: How It Works!

internal audit methodology

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Identify opportunities for improvement in policies and procedures. Reduce risk of fraud or misappropriation. Payroll Process Audit, identify ghost employees, high overtime situations and duplicate employee payments. Develop continuous auditing techniques and reports for timely activity monitoring. Discover areas for process improvement and avoid underutilization of existing workforce. Cybersecurity essay audit, perform risk assessments with threat modeling.

Assess, identify, implement and report on overall status of an organizations cybersecurity maturity. Review and testing for patch management, network vulnerability scanning, wireless security and more. Vendor Audit, review vendor expense records for potential ethics issues like inappropriate gifts or trips. Analyze vendors cash disbursement journal for payments to the company or the companys employees. Review of the vendor check register and/or bank statements to determine if any payments were made directly to company employees.

Excellent Project Management skills. If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further please feel free to get in touch for a full job description and chat in confidence. Due to a high volume of applications we may not be able to reply immediately and if you should you not hear from us in 2 weeks, unfortunately your application has not been successful this time. We are dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of internal audit and helping clients address business matters that most impact their vision and goals. Our customized approach leverages industry best practices and internal audit benchmarks to address operational, compliance and financial risks.

Stinnett resources can be scaled up or down as needed, resulting in more efficient department operations. Due to the multitude of clients for whom we provide outsource and co-source internal audit services, we have developed a robust audit framework thats consistent with ia standards and based on our seasoned, refined methodology. We also have a defined process to monitor and report progress of managements implementation of their action plans, ensuring efficient and effective project execution. Internal audit projects might include: Contract Administration, improve processing and tracking of contracts and agreements. Increase billing and invoicing accuracy, reduce risk of fraud or unauthorized contract access/alteration. Procurement, improve cycle time from initial purchase request to receipt of materials.

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maintain a close working relationship with this divisions representatives, keeping them abreast of both progress and results. Drafting and finalising the report for review by head of Audit. Ensuring that improvements to the audit process are identified and implemented. Divisional Alignment: The successful applicant will be aligned to one of the groups more complex business units, owning the key relationships, driving the audit plan and reporting to both local and global partners. Although this position will have no direct reports, there is scope to utilise internal resources internet or external suppliers in the need arises. Key requirements: tertiary qualified, ideally with Professional (CPA/CA) and / or Post Graduate qualifications. high performers with a proven track record of success and notable achievements. Energetic Audit or Risk professionals with a hunger, drive and commitment to their job. Inquiring mind, innovative thinker and ability to provide solutions to complex problems.

internal audit methodology

This group is a well known entity in both Australia and abroad; well respected by their clients and competitors. They work across a number of disciplines earning the mantle Industry leader in more than one discipline. They have given Actuate recruitment Group an exclusive mandate to conduct this search. They hope to identify a high performer within the Internal Audit space who can bring a collection of interpersonal and technical skills that complement their culture and style. Our research team has starting a mapping exercise on their behalf; this advertisement is to ensure that both active and passive profiles are included. Responsibilities: delivering audit projects within specified time budget and according to the groups methodology. managing internal and external resources against the requirements specified in the audit plan. dealing with ad-hoc reviews as specified by the audit and Risk committee or division GMs. evaluating the adequacy of the control environment and provide commercial recommendations full to address the risks identified.

- use the same methodology as software vendors. Cost avoidance - buy required time to identify and remediate financial risks first before sharing any information with the vendor. Cost savings - negotiate the best possible deal. Interested in our software audit services? Contact us to learn more. Travel: up to 35, coverage: Europe, middle east asia. Stepping stone towards the head of Audit title. A well respected and revered blue chip organisation is looking for a regional Audit Manager to join their Assurance and Risk function.

Having the experience and knowledge, b-lay will buy you the required time to perform an internal audit first before sharing any information with the vendor. In case you already received an audit report from a software vendor, indicating that you are non-compliant, b-lay can provide a second opinion and typically bring down the initial financial claim with at least. As many organizations are uncertain about their compliance position, sharing data with a vendor during an audit often leads to unexpected financial exposure. B-lay will support you in conducting an internal audit first and will guide you through the remediation activities. Using the same methodology as the vendor you can be assured to be in control and prevent any unnecessary financial risks. Negotiation support services, based on the results of the (internal) audit, way b-lay will provide negotiation support and advice to get you the best possible deal. You can benefit from B-lays experience with many audits worldwide. Having the knowledge of how software publishers work and reason during an audit, prevents you from making a deal to regret. Whether you are negotiating a new deal, renewing agreements or have contracts coming up for certification, this is the time to get the terms and conditions that best suit your organization.

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Be in the driver seat, undergoing an audit by a software vendor can be stressful for any organization and often ends up with an unexpected exposure that can be prevented. Even if you are compliant, any audit will cost you time, effort and therefore money. You will need to spend time and effort to gather all the information to prove your licensing position. B-lay has extensive experience in supporting organizations with software vendor audits. Our services range from audit preparation through conducting a full compliance analysis to advising you on how to negotiate during the audit and get the best and most cost-effective solution for your organization. Our vision is to bring you to the same level as wood the software vendor which significantly improves your negotiation position. The following services are included in our software audit services offering: Audit strategy, when confronted with an audit, the first required action is to develop and implement the most effective audit strategy. We can advise you on how to handle an audit effectively and be in the driver seat instead of following the lead of the vendor.

internal audit methodology
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process, including detailed planning of audit assignments, audit testing, and reporting in accordance with Internal Audit methodology. co-source internal audit services, we have developed a robust audit framework thats consistent with ia standards and based on our. B-lay will support you in conducting an internal audit first and will guide you through the remediation activities.

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  1. Finally, internal Audit works in collaboration with the compliance Office to investigate fraud related matters that are either. significant experience in the field of internal audit as well as in other areas which are no less important for every internal auditor. 5 easy-to-follow simple steps, the author shares his experience in performing an effective and comprehensive internal audit exercise.

  2. including transfer of our methodology, technology, knowledge sharing can help change your internal audit to a value adding function. technology tools, and global internal audit methodology can help provide you with a greater return on your internal audit investment. of Lithuania internal audit policy, thus contributing to achievement of our organisations objectives, as well as efficient and.

  3. Operating structure and risks, we'll perform an enterprise-wide risk assessment and prepare an internal audit plan for your approval. Development of the methodology and the services, internal, audit : of the methodology : the participation of consultants rsm as experts. managing internal and external resources against the requirements specified in the audit plan.

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