Did you finish your homework yet

Did you do your homework yet?

do you now see that the state through its agents cannot arbitrarily just create requirements out of the blue. . that is not legal. Do you see how absurd the entire idea is that the state can issue homework without your permission when you step back and look at it? Surely something this intrusive is subject to the most severe due process protections and scrutiny, ainimum! . you have to get notice of the school schedule. But homework is not subject to any scrutiny at all from a legal point of view.

could it be extended for just a portion of the students for an extra hour? could the school or a teacher decide that the holiday weekend would be reduced by 6 hours of additional school on Saturday? Could a teacher require that you come to the school at 6pm that night to oversee some project that the students were going to have to do? Bad news Legalman, one of the guards on Cell block 6 doesnt much like what you have to say about state employeeees on that piece of Sh*t website of yours, so he just extended your sentence by 3 years. maybe you can do a post about that! . have fun you jerk. . (Now do you see what homework is? A guard can no more arbitrarily extend a sentence than a teacher can extend its class.). But Homework is the exact same thing as extending the the class or the school day. . you just dont notice it because you are habituated to the idea. . you would be outraged if the school just announced any of the things I just asked, but you accept homework as normal. .

did you finish your homework yet

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So how does reviews an arbitrary 40 hours a week of homework sound to keep your drivers license while i get none? . give them any lip about it and they might make it 100. . lol What is the legal difference between that clerks right to demand an hour of your time or 100 hours and any other state agents right to arbitrarily make demands on your time or your kids time? And if you still dont see the problem with homework let me ask you a few quick questions. Could a teacher arbitrarily extend her class for 2 hours? Could a teacher arbitrarily extend it for even 15 minutes? could the school day at just your school be extended by an hour arbitrarily?

did you finish your homework yet

Yarn Adam, are you done with that mayor homework, yet?

It is your life. Same for your kids. Whenever the state takes your time and makes a demand on you they are taking part of your life. You may think, cmon 5th amendment problem with homework? This guys a fing moron. Okay, well, can the clerk at the dmv arbitrarily decide to issue homework to you in order for you to keep your drivers license? We have to be safe you know, and he doesnt think you are a safe enough driver. There is no difference.

What s the difference between have you done that?

did you finish your homework yet

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Criminal defendants have more rights. My math teacher is a tyrant! . okay, i will, but I dont see how this helps me learn algebra. . These homework assignments seem to be global getting farther and farther from the text book material. When did the people give the state this incredible sweeping power? Where is the law that sets this power out? When was it voted on?

What are the limits if any of this supposed power by state agents over your statement children and you? Nobody has ever agreed to this arrangement. That alone should be enough to show you what a farce the whole thing is from a legal point of view in what you are told is a democracy. As a constitutional matter, the 5th amendment says there can be no taking of your life or property without due process and paying you a fair value. And what could be a more fundamental essential of true freedom than your time? Because what is your time?

It requires that they continue to do the work the state tells them. It requires that they continue to think about what the State tells them to think about. Next, homework is an alleged claim by the state on your time and your property as well. You often have to buy supplies, or drive them somewhere, or check it or oversee it, or track. Think about how many last minute projects you find out about where you have to go to defCon 3 at 8pm just to get the thing done by midnight. When did you agree that the state was allowed to intrude into your schedule like this to whatever extent they care to?

Next, these arbitrary state assignments called homework dominate many evenings and create dissension between you and your family. Most people end up in a lot of arguments with both their kids and their spouses about homework and how to handle. How in the world is the state permitted to intrude like this into your home life without your consent? Further, homework prevents you from being able to do what you want with your own children in your own home! Because your children have to spend hours completing the assignments they got from their state agents first, otherwise it may be too late, or they might be too tired and then they will be in trouble with the state. Homework varies from class to class, school to school, area to area, and teacher (i.e. State agent) to teacher. It is arbitrarily assigned by teachers you never agreed to in subjects you have no control over, using textbooks you have not consented to, in order to pass tests you have not approved, and somehow the state claims it has the power to impose all. I dont think.

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The state cant just do whatever it wants. Now that we have the framework, lets look at what homework actually. Lol, i dont think. . Its called work release. . you know, like homework. . Sure youre outside the walls, but you still have to keep doing what they say. Homework is an alleged claim by the state on your wallpaper kids time and therefore their life. It requires that your kids stay under the control and direction of the state when they return home.

did you finish your homework yet

Nor do i see how any sane person would ever entrust an entity as totally corrupt as the state with something as easily abused and as critical as the proper education of the citizens. But I will, to simplify things, concede it for this post. To begin we need to understand that under the compulsory schooling laws, the number of days is set, the schedule is set and the school day ends at a set time. It is all state action. The state is not entitled to arbitrarily require that you or water your child appear at school. . They have to set a schedule, give you notice and the schedule has to be the same for everyone. They cant make your schedule or your childs schedule different than some other kids for some arbitrary reason. . do you see that? That is a very important thing to understand.

be an idiot to most people. And Im pretty sure thats actually a compliment. In all seriousness, if you just take a moment, i think you will see that it is absurd for the public to accept the idea that a government agent (the teacher) has an arbitrary undefined power to require you and/or your child to obey their. Not only is that concept outrageous, it is scary to realize that people accept it without any question. First, just for the sake of argument, i will assume that the compulsory education laws are enforceable. And that is no small concession since i dont see how in the world the state has any such legitimate authority to engage in something like that.

Has she finished her essay homework yet? Which question do you use if you want to show that you are surprised that something has been finished? Have they arrived at the party already?!have they arrived at the party yet?! My aunt has not gotten her driver's license. Yacoub has _ given us our test marks. Yetalready, next question, reply. There is a lot of talk about making the bathrooms at public schools co-ed now. . The students in this pilot program dont seem to mind at all. .

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Featured Article, thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 360,735 times. Did this article essay help you? Quiz, test your understanding of this English lesson. Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz. He has not _ looked outside. Yetalready, we have _ finished our homework. Yetalready, which question do you use if you want to find out if the following action has taken place before now? Has she finished her homework already?

did you finish your homework yet
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  1. You know I feel right at home now, cradled in your stories. So many times, i wish for the simplier times of my past and then I remember the polio striking, diptheria that my sister almost died from, and then I swing back to the radio shows. Thank you very much for your post.

  2. My daughter who will be 24 next month sent me this link. I read your story mom I needed you & you did not come. Pearson Prentice hall and our other respected imprints provide educational materials, technologies, assessments and related services across the secondary curriculum. Kerry Charlton March 7, 2017 at 12:15.

  3. What are the limits if any of this supposed power by state agents over your children and you? Follow these simple steps to find online resources for your book. I want to Thank you personally nancy.

  4. How did you get your first book published? When did the people give the state this incredible sweeping power? Where is the law that sets this power out? When was it voted on?

  5. Dear Alex At the end of your answer you wrote and you are surprised at how quickly she did finish. Well, why did finish it and not finished it? How long have you been writing? Tears of a tiger, my first book, was released in 1994.

  6. Ideally, you will always be ready for class and have your homework completed. Sometimes, however, life gets in the way and you aren't prepared. Finish this sentence (and then write the story that accompanies it you'd never believe me if I told you that i but it's true and I can prove.

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